Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Chigozie Truth's Drowning Pool Video and more synchronicity to 624-Indians-Cubs

I just went to Youtube and the first video that popped up for me to watch was Chigozie's video about the death of Dave Williams of Drowning Pool. Now come on haha...
He's making the video because someone commented on his channel asking about the death a while back. 
It's crazy that I just mentioned how I had synchronicity with the Band Drowning Pool on 7/2..then we got the death of XXXTentacion's cousin drowning in a pool....also Ray Emery in supposed Drowning. 

The only reason I am making this post is this though:
Chigozie Truth=624(satanic)

The Drowning Pool stuff was big with the number 72 and the Cubs. Then I had the synchronicity with Family Guy in regards to my son who is all about 72. In that post I mentioned the connection to the Cubs vs Indians...
Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic)
Aroldis Chapman=624(satanic)
My son's bday is 6 months 24 days before Rocky Colavito's. 
Also 6 months 24 days after 6/24. 
The Indians played the Tigers on 6/24 this year. 
Zamien Behrendt=72 and 72(rev red)
Zamien James Behrendt=321(reverse)
7/2 is 3 months 21 days before the World Series begins. 

Much more in connection to the death of my Uncle Barney, Uncle Clancy and Grandma in the past years and how it syncs to the number and date of 8/10. (See previous posts)
Barney died 8 months 10 days before Grandma Ellie. Grandma died 6 months 24 days before Clancy. Clancy died 6 months 24 days before my bday. Clancy's niece named in honor of my grandma born on 8/10. 

Dave Williams died on 14/8. 
Cleveland Indians=148
He also died 66 days(67 end date) before the "Angels"=624 won the World Series in 2002. 
David Williams=66
Dave Williams=67

Remember all of the "Angel Gabriel" stuff I talked about a while back? 
Rocky Colavito's bday is 8/10. 


In the video Chigozie is mentioning Jeff Young asking about this as well. Jeff born 6 months 24 days(end date) before the World Series

Also the Cubs game that went to 17 innings that was important to Stoneman Douglas/XXXTentacion was 6 months 24 days(end date) before the World Series this year. 

Marjory Stoneman Douglas dies 1 month 7 days before her bday on 14/5 age 108. 
Chicago Illinois=145
They won after 108 years and it was 145 years after the Great Chicago Fire on 10/8. 
Anyway remember 14/5 is also the day Israel declared it's independence in the year 48'. It was 145 days before the World Series began and was later won the Indians. 
World War=48(rev red), 114
It's the 114th WS. 
And So on...
Also Grover Cleveland dying 108 days before the World Series began in 1908 on 6/24. 

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