Monday, July 16, 2018

XXXTentacion died 593 days after the Cubs won the World Series-Song "Look At Me" and death of Emmett Till-more 17

I started thinking that possibly XXXTentacion died in connection to the Chicago Cubs winning in 2016. 
Notice he died 593 days after the the Cubs won the World Series. 
593 is the 108th prime number. 
Cubs won for the first time in 108 years and so on...

He also died 4 months 5 days or 127 days before the 114th World series begins. 
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Miami=Illinois and so on...

Houma People=127
Falcon Heights=127
It was all connected to the Omaha Indians and my town killing their last keeper of the sacred pole(Yellowsmoke). 
The Omaha's got their sacred pole back on 12/7..1989
Remember 127 was a number significant to the Indians/Cubs in 2016 too. 
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=888
Curse of the Billy Goat=888
Dakota Access Pipeline=888
Jocelyn Amparo Flores=888.....Infinity(888)
Native American=810
Standing Rock=810
Cleveland played the Chicago White Sox on 6/18 and the Cubs were postponed against the Dodgers. 
The Cubs had 40 wins at the time...
40th prime is 173. 

Remember Marjory Stoneman Douglas died age 108 on 14/5. 
Chicago Illinois=145
Great Chicago Fire was 145 years before 2016 on 10/8. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108
Anyway a 17 I overlooked was Marjory Stoneman Douglas died 1 month 7 days after her 108th bday. (17)
Also this person has been leaving me comments asking about the stuff I am documenting on this. Look at this great find in regards to Emmett Till. 

On XXX's music video "Look At Me"...the one where he hangs a white kid that had controversey.....the first story they bring up in the video is that of Emmett we have Emmett Till's case being brought back again after 63 years? 
Jahseh Onfroy=63

Also this song was what caused the beef between XXX and Drake who he said would sacrifice him...
It was because Drake played a new song title "KMT" 17 days before Valentines in the year 17' that had the same flow as Look at Me. 
Drake=214(satanic)...Valentines 2/14. 
Miami, Florida=214(reverse)
The number 206-synchronicity-Casino Omaha Trip with my Mom
Read the above blog post too. Remember when my dad was in the 206 area code(Seattle), I went to the Casino owned by the Omaha People with my mom. Her name equals 206 and more....She won over 1,000 dollars when we first got there on the Penn and Teller machine. I just looked up Penn and Teller and I see "Teller" was born on Valentines Day...of all days...
Back when I had black hair I used to get a bunch of people telling me I looked like Penn as well. 
Ohio is the 17th state. (Cleveland)....remember the Omaha Indians were originally the Maha Indians from the area around Cleveland. 
It would be interesting if the Indians won the World Series this year. Cleveland seems to be in the dumps with LeBron leaving, possibly the Indians winning the World Series would ease that? 

I'll look more at the stuff tomorrow night after work. I have fell asleep a bunch of times writing this blog post. 


  1. The Cubs' run differential at the break is +114.

  2. 6/18 was the same day Bryce Harper shaved his beard before Nationals lost at home vs Yankees 4-2.

  3. what kinda drugs u took? ._.