Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The blog that mocks my blog-Two and Three Digit numbers-Galactic Tick Day Guy

For some reason last night I figured I would check out my mocked blog. As usual a bunch of untrue stuff written in the posts and things taken out of context. 
Anyway the whole reason for the post is that I noticed the purpose of the blog says it's about exposing the method of using "Two and Three" Digit numbers. Also in many posts he refers to the stupidity of two and three digit numbers. 
Does this not remind you of dipshit Galactic Tick Day guy on the Gematria Effect a few weeks ago? I'm sure he's part of the same network. 

I know you'll be reading this post James Jumper, so please cover why your name equals 166 in reverse gematria? You started your blog just before I learned reverse gematria and you often referred to me as "NAD"(the reverse) of my name in your blog. Then after learning reverse Gematria a bunch of 166's started showing up all over...even "Reverse Gematria"=166. 
Also you started the blog because of my Jeopardy videos...

Nice fit for the reason you started the blog I'd say. 

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  1. You are right, it's that same fake douchebag from galactic tick day.