Monday, July 23, 2018

Death of RAGBRAI Co-founder same day the 46th Annual RAGBRAI begins

RAGBRAI came through this area on Sunday 7/22. I figured I would look into it a bit more. It's basically a giant bike ride that thousands attend to ride bicycles across Iowa. 

Anyway while looking it, I see that the guy who founded Ragbrai just so happened to die yesterday which was the start of the 46th annual event. 
Of course "Sacrifice"=46 and 73....started in 73' now the 46th anniversary. 
Donald Kaul=32
Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa=227
He dies on 22/7. 

Ragbrai began 8 months 1 day after his 38th bday. 
Bike=18, 27, 81
This year it began in "Onawa"=18, 27, 81

The other guy who founded Ragbrai turned 88 years old on March 10th 2018. 
That means he was 43 years old when Ragbrai began. 
John Karras=43, 52
Ragbrai=52(rev red)
Register=52(rev red).Sponsored by Des Moines Register

John Karras wife also died on 11/16/17. 

She died 115 days before his bday. 
John Karras=115
Notice he lives in Scottish Rite Park and they show him pictured with Scottish Rite Freemason Terry Branstand. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Register=115(rev)..what the Des Moines Paper is called who sponsors Ragbrai. 
Terry Branstad=57, 165
Scottish Rite=57, 165

Ann Scott Karras=174
She dies 174 days after her bday. 

Another thing I find interesting to me being drawn to document about this is where these guys were from. 
Kaul was from Detroit and Karras from Cleveland. 
I have been documenting like crazy the connections to the Cleveland Indians being cursed by Rocky Colavito being traded to Detroit. 

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