Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Papa John's founder says the "N" word back in May-Comments last night about the same thing

It's funny that I'm finally home from work and grocery shopping and I get on CNN to see a story about the "N" word. 
Last night I got a bunch of comments about me saying "nigga" on one of my XXXTentacion videos. Above is only 2 examples. There were more but they have now disappeared....I even responded to one of them and the comment no longer exists...or at least I can no longer view it. 
I have so many ghosted comments, I've almost gave up on trying to comment back. I have a ton that show up in my email, but then I can't respond to them because they disappear on the video which makes it impossible to respond. 

After getting these comments last night, all day I was thinking about making a video explaining why it shouldn't matter. Also showing the reason "Nigga" and "Nigger" were even created to be bad words against black people. Now I get home and see this article about Papa John's owner saying the "N"'s just hilarious to me. 

This story comes 135 days(end date) before his bday. 
Papa John=135(reverse)

It was also 231 days after his 56th bday. 
Think about that in regards to all the Kneeling during the National Anthem and Papa Johns/NFL controversy...
National Anthem=231(reverse)
John Schnatter=56
He's 56 years old. 

This story actually happened in "May"=42(reverse)
Nigger=42 and so on..


  1. This is really strange to me. Last night I left a comment on your post, and I mentioned how I experienced the "Mandela Effect" now you bring up Papa Johns. I had another Mandela Effect happen recently. I swear that there was a baseball player for the Twins around 2008 named "John Papajohn" if I'm spelling it correctly? I've looked him up on Wikipedia before, but now I can't find any trace of him anywhere. Not even old team rosters.

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