Saturday, July 21, 2018

Missouri became a state on 8/10-Rocky Colavito-Duck Boat Crash-Howard The Duck

Missouri is known as the "CAVE State". 
I knew there had to be a connection to the fake boys trapped in a cave story. I was thinking about why Branson was important at work today and started thinking about people jumping off of rocks and Caves. 
Cave=31....31 people on the boat. 
Funny the other day at zoo I realized that I could care less about the animals in the Kingdom of the Nights part and the Cave is just cool in general. I even made a joke about how I found the Thai Soccer Team...I don't think the people behind us were impressed haha. 

Notice Missouri became a state on 8/10 as well. We just had the Duck Boat crash in connection to what I have been documenting, and 810 has been really important. "Rocky Colavito's bday is 8/10". 
It was made a state exactly 112 years before Rocky Colavito was born. Remember how what I have been following is connected to the 112th World Series. 

Also notice Duck Boats were used in the later years on WWII and Korean War. After the Korean War they started using them as Tours. A veteran in Minnesota began a business giving rides with the boats? Minnesota reminds of The Mighty Ducks again. 

All I can think about is the connection Donald(Duck) Trump has to Harry S. Truman and the Cleveland Indians. 
Remember Harry S. Truman is from Missouri and he's the only president to die age 88. 
Harry S. Truman=148
Donald J. Trump=148
Cleveland Indians=148

Trump won the biggest election upset since Harry S. Truman won in 1948 over "Thomas Dewey"=48. Of course Trump also won just after the Indians lost in the world series. The Indians hadn't won since 1948. The 1948 election was on 11/2 the same day the 112th WS game 7 began. The closest Super Moon since 1948 on Prince Charles bday(born in 48') was just after Trump won. 
Donald Trump=48

Of course this reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies"Howard the Duck". The film is set in CLEVELAND...Notice it also came out on 8/1.(Bridge number). 

Notice Howard the Duck is based on a book written by Howard Gerber who died on 2/10 age 60. 
Howard The Duck=60 and 210(reverse)
What a perfect day..
He was also born in Missouri. 
Ride the Ducks Branson=210 and 114(reverse)

Ride the Ducks=127
Remember how 127 was important to the Cleveland Indians and Michael Jordan in 2016 as well.
Also the Dakota Access Pipeline stuff as the before and after the World Series  was going on....then the World Series ended on 11/2 which was the 127th anniversary of North Dakota becoming a state. "North Dakota"=127

Also something I'm thinking of is how the Mighty Ducks is set in Minneapolis which was important to the symbolism with Super bowl 52 this year. Also the 3rd Major League Film being set with the Minnestoa team. Remember in 2016 I had the synchronity with "Lil Yachty"(Lil BOAT) too...He has the song "Minnesota". 

This is funny as well. There were 11 members of a family on the Duck Bus and 9 of them died.....9 of 11 members. The Seattle Bus crash...Seattle is connected to the 9/11 symbolism I have been talking about that is connected to the Yankees and the Cubs. 


  1. Tim Robbins stars in Howard The Duck, and he's also in a movie called Arlington Road with Jeff Bridges, and that movie is about demestic terrorism.