Monday, July 9, 2018

Lebron James "King of LA" Mural Vandalized on 7/8

Notice how the headline leaves out "The"....
King of LA=42(rev red)
Then later they tell us they fixed the mural, but the word "Of" is missing. It clearly has "The" in it in the picture. 
The King LA=42
Lebron James=42
Lakers=42(rev red)
NBA Finals=33, 42 and 78. 
Today's date is 7/8. 

This story comes 190 days or 6 months 8 days after Lebron's 33rd bday. 
Remember how the King symbolism is important to Prince Charles. 
A Cavalier a follower of King Charles...
King Charles=190
Lebron got swept on 6/8. 
King of LA Mural=68
Prince Charles=68

Notice it's also 175 days before his next bday. 
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Golden State=175
Remember How Lebron is synced with the Jesuit Order that Pope Francis is part of. 
Pope Francis=175

This story also comes 81 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary in 2017. 
With the end date it's 191 days after Lebron's bday. 
Society of Jesus=191

The fan also wrote 3-6 on it referring to his NBA Finals....
Thinking about would be fitting for LeBron to lose the next time he's in the finals...
Los Angeles=37

LA=13, 41
13th prime is 41

King James=89
Los Angeles California=89
Lebron Raymone James Sr.=89

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