Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Big Bang's Seungri takes on Trump-Kim Summit with new video

Kim Jong Un=42
World War=42
Big Bang=42

The song came out on the Album "The Great Seungri" that came out on 7/20. 
Notice it was 220 days after Seungri's bday and also 145 days before his next bday? 
Donald John Trump=220
Remember 220 a special number to the Jesuits in which North Korea is all about. 
North Korea=145
Trump went to a Jesuit University and so on...

It also was released on the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon....The Moon is really important to all of this as well. 
South Korean president even named "Moon"....Hawaii became a state on the same day as the Great American Eclipse..(Hawaii missile scare/volcano)...Hawaii also the only state that could see the last total solar eclipse in the US in 91'. 
The Hawaii missile scare was 145 days after the Great American Eclipse. 
The last American eclipse was 156 days before WWI came to an end in 1918. 
World War III=156(reverse)
Trump and Kim met 156 days after Kim's bday. 
Moon Jae In born 156 days after the Great American Eclipse. 
Rodman went to North Korea 156 days(no end date) after Kim's bday...he also played 911 nba games.....156th prime is 911. 
156 a big number important to the 9/11 attacks. 

Lee Seung-hyun=156
We also just got the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century that fell on the anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end(7/27). 
Where R U Now=69
Remember the Hawaii Earthquake was a 6.9
Think about Hawaii in regards to World War...
The Moon Landing happened in 69' during the sign of Cancer that looks like a "69". 
World War III=69

The music video came out on 7/26...

The video came out 1 month 14 days after the Summit..
World War=114
Kim Jong Un=114

Also remember "World War"=612(rev sum)
A lot like the date of 6/12. 

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