Thursday, July 12, 2018

Microsoft founded 57 days before Bill Gates Birthday

I'm listening to the livestream Derek was on while looking some stuff up. Anyway they are doing a live decode of Bill Gates, I figured I'd point out a few things in regards to Bill Gates. 

Microsoft was founded 5 months 7 days after Gates bday also 158 days. 
Bill Gates=57(rev red)
William Gates III=158

Founded on 4/4....."Windows"=44

It was also 207 or 6 months 24 days before his bday. 
Microsoft Windows=207
Also the 624 is interesting as Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24..."Jesuit"=624
Bill Gates=33
William Henry Gates III=312(reverse)
312 a big number in regards to the Jesuits as well. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)

William Henry Gates III=111
New Mexico=111(where Windows founded)

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