Sunday, July 15, 2018

Death of XXXTentacion's Cousin in 2017-Also Cousin Drowning on 7/11/2018 in Jamaica-Chicago Cubs-Valentines-Synchronicity with band Drowning Pool

Notice XXXTentacion's cousin was murdered 151 days after X's bday. 
Valentines Day=151
June Eighteenth=151
Michael Boatright=151

His cousin also died 214 days before his next bday. 
Valentines is 2/14. 

His cousin also died 63...or 2 months 2 days before his debut album "17" was released. 
Jahseh Onfroy=63
XXX's bday was 22 days before Valentines...The murder suspects all 22 years old with Michael Boatright being arrested 22 days after XXX died. 
Murder=79....22nd prime is 79. 

He canceled his Revenge Tour because of his cousins death. 
The mixtape called Revenge was released 1 month 7 days before his cousin died. (17). Remember all the 17 connections in regards to Valentines Day...
Also 38 days...
Rapper=38=Nigga=Death=Murder and so on...

It was also 40 days or 1 month 9 days after Jocelyn Flores died. 
Valentines=40 and 67. 
19th prime is 67. 
Remember he died on "Trippie Redd"=173 19th bday. 
40th prime is 173. 
He released his album '17"..173 days before Valentines Day. 
Ghostbusters=173(song released after he died). 
Story of Michael Boatright came out on day that leaves 173 days in the year. 

Something I never caught before was "Jocelyn Amparo Flores"=888(satanic)
XXXTentacion also has the song 888(Infinity)...all the 888's from late too. 
Jesus Christ=151.....also 888(isosephy)

Now he has a cousin who dies in "Jamaica" of all places. Once again reminding us of Tupac telling us he's not dead but in Jamaica sippin daquiris. 
Jamaica=38 and 151
XXXTentacion=151 and 173
40th prime is 173

22nd prime is 79...."Murder"=79....22 year old murder suspects...his bday 22 days before valentines. 

She died on 7/11 too.  
July 11th leaves 173 days in the year. 
XXXTentacion=173=Trippie Redd=Ghostbusters and so on..
Releases his "17" album 173 days before Valentines Day. 

What's really crazy to me is that a few weeks ago I guess 7/2...I randomly thought of the Band "Drowning Pool" as I hadn't listened to them in forever. I even thought it was significant that I randomly thought of the band so I took a screen shot of it on my phone and now I'm seeing this girl drowning in a pool? 
I also saw that the singer who died of Drowning Pool was...
David Wayne Williams=206
Drowing Pool=162 and 162(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206
MLB=162=Major League Baseball=Baseball 
162 regular season games. 

Valentines/Stoneman Douglas synced up the Chicago Cubs....just interesting as this is the type of stuff that happens to me a lot and if you pay enough attention it's usually giving clues such as this. 

I also will never forget the day that I learned of this guys death as my friend sent me a message on Yahoo messenger. I didn't even know what he was talking about as I didn't know that much about the band. I guess he assumed I knew who Dave Williams was...I thought it was some guy that lived in town or something...
The friend that told me about his death was my Cuban friend...
Thomas James Alfonso=206, 62
He's been on tour with the band Smile Empty Soul as of late as well, so I wonder if there might be something connected to that Band. I think he's a guitar tech or something of the sort for the band. 
7/2 is 62 days before his 34th bday as well. 

Dave Williams also got his nickname "Stage" from Dimebag Darrell and we just had the death of Dimebags brothers Vinnie Paul on the 173rd day of the year. 

haha also "Drowning Pool"=72 
I randomly think about this band on 7/2. 
Dave Williams died on tour at "Ozzfest"=117 and 72(rev red)

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  1. Dallas Cowboys = 151
    Newly acquired WR Allen Hurns changes his number from 88 to 17 in tribute to Stoneman Douglas victims. His previous team was Jacksonville Jaguars. What's the connect with the '17' album?