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How Gematria has been coded on Black People Throughout History

I'm trying to make a more organized presentation of how gematria has been used throughout history in a negative way on black people. Or at least put a bunch of the info in one post instead of all over. 
Let's start with why February is Black History Month. 
It also has the 42nd day of the year. 
It normally ends on the 59th day, but during a leap year it's the 60th day. 
Nigger breaks down to 5+9+7+7+5+9=42
Notice the 59 on the front and the end. (77 in the middle)
Seventy Seven=59
59 is a very important number in regards to this. 
The only 2 numbers(0-10) when written out that equal 42 are 5 and 9. 
Five Nine=42(rev red)

Tar and Feathers=59
Gang Bangers=59
Fresh Prince=59...(Will Smith's full name is 102)
Sir Mix A Lot=59
Jesse Jackson=59
Michael Jordan=59
Mike Tyson=59..."Evander Holyfield"=102 
James Buster Douglas=59
Black Mamba=59(Kobe's nickname)
NAACP=17...17th prime is 59...founded on 2+12+19+09=42
Stephon Clark=142...Forty Two=142..3+18+20+18=59
Keith Scott=59

Motown Records came out in 59'. 

HIV originated in the year 59' in the Belgian Congo. 
Belgian Congo=59

Big Brother=59(think about how we slave away on the 9 to 5). 

The Civil War came to an end on 5/9. 
Lincoln's bday was 59 days before the Civil War began. 
Notice it began on the 102nd day the year as well. 
Martin Luther King Jr.=102..."Coretta Scott"=42, Coretta King=60
Underground Railroad=102(Harriet Tubman=60)

Eli Whitney died age 59. 
Eli Whitney=59(e)

Booker T. Washington died age 59. 

John Brown of Harpers Ferry Raid was born on 5/9. He died age 59 in the year 59'. 
Bonus note: "John Brown"=47 and he died 47 days after Harpers Ferry Raid. 

Rodney King=59
Notice his bday is 4/2 as well. 
Police=33, 30(rev red) and 60. 
He was beat on 3/3. 
Does it make more sense why we always hear of stories of police brutality against black people? It's by the numbers. 

Jackie Robinson famous for wearing # 42. 
Jackie Robinson=64...I'll talk about this later on but think about him in regards to Civil Rights. 
Civil Rights=64
In reverse gematria Nigger breaks down to 4+9+2+2+4+9=30
Twenty Two=42
Four Nine=42

The actual first black person to play in the Major leagues was Moses Walker who only played 42 games. 
Moses Walker=42

Satchel Paige was the first black person to pitch in the World Series. 
He came into the league age 42 and played until he was 59. 
Leroy Paige=59

Lebron James=42=Lakers
Dwayne Wade=42
Bill Russell=42....remember we got a story in 2018 on the 42nd day about "Red Auerbach"=211..2/11 the 42nd day and Bill Russell.

Muhammad Ali=42
He died after having Parkinsons for 42 years. 
He was born in the year 42'. 
Cassius Clay=60
Famous for his fights with "Joe Frazier"=59
George Foreman=60
Jack Johnson=60 
Floyd Mayweather=181(42nd prime)
Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr=281....281 is the 60th prime number. 

Michael Brown=60
Shot in "Ferguson"=42, "Missouri"=42
The media gave us this picture of the cop who killed him wearing the 42 on his shirt. 

Freddie Gray=60, 102
He was arrested on the 102nd day...the anniversary of the Civil War beginning. Then he died on April 19th the anniversary of the first death in the Civil in Baltimore. He died in Baltimore. The Confederates wore different shades of GREY Coats. This was just after the film 50 shades of Grey came out. Dr. McDreamy on Greys Anatomy was killed off the show. It was even synced up to Freddy Krueger whose first film and first person to die was Tina Gray. Wes Craven died later in 2015 too. 
John Newton=42...writer of "Amazing Grace"=60
Barack Obama=181(Jewish)
Barack Hussein Obama II=181
42nd prime number is 181..(sang amazing grace at Clementa's funeral). 
Clementa Pinckney died 43 days before his bday. Dylann Storm Roof born on 4/3. "Civil War"=43, Lincoln born on 43rd day. Became president on 4/3. Died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began in "Charleston"=43. "Forty Three"=59(Charleston Church Shooting) "Abolition"=43
Forty Two=43
The Civil War began 59 days after Lincoln's bday. 

William Cosby=181(42nd prime number)
Cosby Show=42
Fat Albert=59
Hey Hey Hey=60

Ice Cube=42..."Eric Wright"=60(Eazy E).
Eazy E died age 30(Nigger)..."Compton=30.."Aids"=30
Malcolm X=42
Remember Super Bowl was a Tribute to the Black Panthers...Beyonce wearing the X outfit like Michael Jackson..coded to Super Bowl XX....The Black Panther lost to the White Bronco 24 to 10....X=24...X is 10 in Roman Numeral...XX. 
Malcolm=24 Little=24

Abe Lincoln=42 died 42 days after his 2nd term began. 

Kanye West=42
Puff Daddy=42
Bad Boy Records=59
Trevor Smith=59(Busta Rhymes)
Gold Teeth=42
Janet Jackson=42....just had the death of "Joe Jackson"=59
Remember when Nelly was arrested for the supposed Rape on the Bus age 42? 

Rosa Parks was 42 years old when she wouldn't move on the Bus. 
Notice her bday of 2/4 or 4/2. 
Rosa Parks died 3 months 11 days before her bday...
311 is the 64th prime number. 
Civil Rights=64 
Browder V Gale=60(Bus case declaring Alabama Bus laws unconstitutional). 
Case was filed by "Fred Gray"=42
Aurelia Browder=58, 226(reverse)
She boycotted a bus 226 days before Rosa Parks and then died on Rosa Parks 58th birthday. 
Claudette Colvin's bus incident was 6 months 4 days before her bday on 9/5 or 5/9. 

Police Brutality=64 and also 311(Jewish)
Yet another example of why we always hear about the police and black people. 

W.E.B. Dubois real name is William. 
William Dubois=59
He was born on 2/23 that leaves 311 days in the year. 
Civil Rights=64
64th prime is 311. 
He died 6 months 4 days after his bday. 
He also died 1 day before MLK's I have a dream speech and  311 days before the Civil Rights Act was passed by 
"Lyndon B. Johnson"=64 in the year 64'. Johnson later died age 64. 
MLK Jr=64 and he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 64'. 
Dubois also died on LBJ's 55th birthday. 
Civil Rights Act was also passed 223 days after JFK was assassinated. 
John F. Kennedy=59

The author of "Roots"=30
Alex Haley=42(rev red)
Dies on 10/2. 
Born on the 223rd day of the year. 
2/23 leaves 311 days in the year. 
64th prime is 311. 
Kunta Kinte portrayed by, 
Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr=181(young)
John Allen Amos Jr=59(old)

Trayvon Martin=64
Killed on 2+26+20+12=60
He was 17 years old...17th prime is 59. 
Sanford Florida=142..."Forty Two"=142

Lincoln elected in the year 60' on the 311th day. Then again in the year 64'. 
Abraham Lincoln=60
Ku Klux Klan=60
KKK=60(eng ext)
Hanging=42 and 60
Donald Trump=60
See why his character is called racist? 
Amazing Grace=60
Beyonce Knowles=60
Steve Urkel=60
Tyra Banks=60
Abolition=281(Jewish)..281 the 60th prime number.
Apollo=281(satanic)..Showtime at the Apollo. 
Arsenio Hall=60
Whoopi Goldberg=60
Steve Harvey=60
Soul Train=60
Chris Rock=59
Calvin Broadus=60(Snoop Dogg)

Emitt Till=60
Carolyn Bryant=60
Moses Wright=60(uncle he was visiting)

Ray Robinson=60
Stevie Wonder=60


Willard Carroll Smith Jr=102(Will Smith)

If anyone has more, please share. I'll add more to this post as I find it. I know there's a lot I've documented that I have not even put in this post as well, but this is a nice start. 

It's not every person, but almost everytime there is a news story with black people it is connected this way. People such as Tupac are connected to other things such as Freemasonry. Same with Huey P. Newton...the Black Panthers...
Huey P. Newton=58
Black Panthers=58
Tupac Shakur=58
Tupac Amaru Shakur=58
Of course there are other things such "Forty Two"=74
Biggie Smalls=74
Notorious BIG=74
Jesus=74=Cross=Christianity=Gospel=Messiah and so on..
Jesus Christ=74....
New Testament=42 begins with the 42 generations leading up to Jesus(most likely not a white guy). 
Freemasonry=524(satanic)....Biggie died 5 months 24 days after Tupac. 
"N Word"=74

Bob Marley was a tribute to Saturn...
Bob Marley=93
Saturn=93 and 511
Marley died on 5/11. 
Peter Tosh died age 42...Haile Selassie's reign began on 4/2/30. 
Haile Selassie=83....died age 83
Marley died 6 years 4 months before Tosh..
Wailers=42...."The Wailers"=60

Or another example is Blue Lives Matter from 2016. 
Blue Lives Matter=67
Passed in Louisiana on 5+26+20+16=67
Alton Sterling=67
Philando Castile=67
We got the stories of both these deaths on 6/7(July 6th)
Sheriff Clarke=67

Forty Two=38

Thoroughgood Marshall=102

Frederick Douglass=102

Walter White a head of the NAACP died 102 days after his bday. 

James Johnson=64

Charles Sumner an abolitionist...Notice he died on 3/11. 
He also died 64 days before his 64th bday. 
Civil Rights=64

Harry T. Moore was the first NAACP member to be murdered for Civil Rights. 
Harry Moore=64
Harry T. Moore=60
His wife died 9 days later..."Nine"=42
Husband and Wife=59

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