Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Comments on Ralphie May and Dedrick Wiliams video earlier-117 and my family-First US Grand Lodge on 211th day of 1733.

I got these messages on my phone a bit ago. 
How can anyone talk crap on these videos if they actually watched them? I mean I predicted Ralphie May to die by this and then he did, and I'm a cunt? haha it's ridiculous. 
It's a strange gap between the 2 videos as well and they comment on them only 11 minutes apart. No way did they actually watch them. 
I'm just documenting this, because whenever this happens something in the media usually comes up in connection to what I was talking about....
This comes on the 206th day of the year. 
Fat Comedian=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206

Of course I put out the XXXTentacion video on 6/24. 
The Ralphie May video was on 10/9/17. 

A big thing I talked about in the Ralphie May video was the connection to the death of my Grandma and the number 211. Also her and Ralphie May both being from "Chattanooga Tennessee"=211
This comes 2 months 11 days before the anniversary of Ralphie May's death...

Interesting that Monday will be the 211th day of the year. It's also the day my and my grandma's neighbor died(Cubs Fan). 
211 is also important to Freemasonry as it's the 47th prime number...
Notice that the first Grand Lodge in the US(before revolutionary war) was founded on 7/30/1733. 
Remember Modern Freemasonry established on 6/24/1717 as well. 
Ironicially, "BigDrunken"=57, 165
Scottish Rite=57, 165, 159
Today leaves 159 days in the year. 

It's also my daughter Claire's 8th bday. 
Ha this is great, I never saw this before....Claire born 117 days before her moms bday. Our son born on 1/17. 
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117
My Grandma died 1 month 17 days before my birthday. 

We'll see if we get something in connection to these videos in the near future. Need to go back and listen to everything I talked about..."Flintstones"...John Goodman.....

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  1. It's funny that you get called a "Cunt" today. A friend and I just wrote lyrics for a song called, "Johnny the Cunt" it's an inside joke between us. I was thinking about how I want the song to sound all night at work because I'm going to start recording it on Friday. Something's cunty here....