Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thai Soccer Team trapped in Cave-Chilean Miners trapped story-13, 33

Intiation Ritual=231

World Cup=624(rev sum) also 1317. 
This is interesting to me as my full name sums to 1317(Jewish). 

I haven't looked much at this story, but it really doesn't make any sense. I'm only posting about it because it reminds me of the Chilean Miner story and the movie "33" they made about it. 
Remember that film came out in 2015, which is something that has been important to 2018. 
Pope Francis Tells gay Chilean Man God Made Him That Way
I even mentioned the Chilean Miner story not even 2 months ago on the blog. 

Thailand=33 and 48(rev red)
Soccer Team=48

Supposedly 13 people trapped...
This cave located at 99E as well. 
I also find it interesting in regards to "Children"=169(Jewish)
Think about how Hiroshima happened 33 days after the 169th anniversary of the United States. 
The United States of America=99

Think about how important 13 and 33 are important too. 
13 stripes, 13 colonies, 13 steps on the pyramid and so on...

33 Miners trapped..."miners"=33

This story even comes 1 month 3 days before the anniversary of the Chilean Miners story. (Found on 7/2 missing on 6/23). 

Also the only person to die so far is a former "Navy Seal". 
Navy Seal=27, 99
Soccer=27, 99
Remember they were found on 2/7 or 7/2.