Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sears is laying off 200 people and 150 in Illinois-Sears Tower-Chicago

I'm only documenting about this story because it reminds me of the Cubs stuff from 2016. 
Remember the Sears/Willis Tower is 108 stories tall...Cubs won for the first time in 108 years...Great Chicago Fire began on 10/8 and much more. 
Now we are getting a story of 150 people being layed off at Illinois Sears stores?
World Series=150(reverse)
Sears=37(rev red)

What else is interesting is that they got layed off today 7/11 with severance pay until August 25th. 
Today the Indians played the Reds and on August 25th the Cubs play the Reds...
Remember how the Reds were important to the Cubs playing the Indians in the 2016 World Series..

Even the CEO of Sears is named "Eddie Lampert"=112
Think about the 112th World Series....

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  1. Sears = 62
    Chicago Cubs = 62
    150 layed off 15w before World Series?