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July 3rd MLB Games-Death of Tito Francona-Curse of Rocky Colavito-World War-The number 888

112 days before the World Series is important to what I have been documenting with the Cubs.....The Cubs playing Detroit on this day as so on...(see my previous post). 
Anyway the only score looking at that day that sticks out to me is the Boston Red Sox game. 
The Red Sox won 11-4. 
This year is the 114th world series. 
The Cubs also won 5-3. 
Boston Red Sox=53 and 64(rev red)
Notice Cleveland won 6-4. 

Possibly the Cubs vs Indians stuff is just showing the Red Sox. 
They are a really fitting team to win the World Series in regards to the Major theme of Standing during the National Anthem...but the Indians and Cubs are loaded up as well...

How interesting the Red Sox got their name around 1908 by a guy named John Taylor....
Notice he was born on 1/14 too. 
1908 was the last time the Cubs won before 2016. 

In regards to Boston, it's also interesting the Atlanta Braves are doing so well this year considering they were once the Boston Braves. Also the Braves remind us of native Americans and the last time the Indians won the World Series was against the Boston Braves in 48'. The Indians only made that world series because they beat the Red Sox in a 1 game playoff they ruined an all Boston World Series. 

Woodrow Wilson asked for a declaration of war on 4/2 before entering World War I....
World War=42
Woodrow Wilson....WW....WW
4/6 was the 96th day of the year. 
Freemason=42, 96

The US actually entered the War 983 days after it began...
983 is the 166th prime number. 
World War=114
I'm just thinking about how 166 was a super important number I was mentioning after the Cubs won and my Uncle died on 1/14. 

The 1917 baseball season began on 4/11 or 11/4 as well. 

Think about the Hawaii Missile scare as well that happened on 1/13 and the governor of Hawaii's bday being 1/15.....seems like it's focusing in on the date in between of 1/14. 
Remember how Hawaii was connected to North Korea and the moon/Great American Eclipse....The last eclipse was on 6/8/1918..which was 156 days before the end of WWI. 

Harry S. Truman=888(rev sum)(WWII, Korea)
Donald J. Trump=888(sum)
Cleveland Indians=888
Curse of the Billy Goat=888
888 Bestgate(Maryland Newspaper)
Royal Rumble=888=HHH
XXX Tentacion's song 888(Infinity)
Think about 888 in regards to what I've been documenting with 6/24 as well. 
Three Point One Four=888(Jewish)
John Boehner=888(Jewish), 114
That's interesting considering he retired during the 114th US Congress..
John Andrew Boehner=1918(Jewish)...Just interesting in regards to WWI ending that year. 
He retired after meeting the Pope. 
Augustus=888(Jewish) Founder of the Roman Empire and born on 9/23. 
Chris Christie=888(Bridge symbolism)
Philando Castile=888
King James VI and I=888
Old Testament=888
Kansas City=888
Fifty Three=888

In regards to the Indians....remember how Michael Jordan was really synced up to the Cubs and the Indians and the Baseball Strike. Jordan even played for the Birmingham Barons who were coached by Terry Francona(Red Sox/Indians). 
The Strike began on 8/12/94...
In 2015 I made a video explaining why 8/12 could be a significant date to World War III. 
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=888(satanic)

How did I not hear about the death of Terry Francona's father this year? Remember he made his MLB debut on the 108th day of the year. Also played for the Indians the same year they traded away Rocky Colavito to Detroit. Also tied Rocky Colavito in 2nd for AL rookie of the year. Tito traded to the Indians from Detroit. 
Notice his bday of 11/4 too. haha it's just never ending...
He died 8 months 10 days before the 114th World Series begins. 
Rocky Colavito born on 8/10 or 10/8...
Lou Boudreau died on 8/10 or 10/8 and so on...

Remember after losing to the Cubs Terry Francona is currently 11-4 in coaching World Series games too. 
The Cubs got their 114th win in Game 7 of that series and were in their 114th season being called the Cubs...

Rocky Colavito will turn 85 years old 2 months 13 days or 74 days before the WS begins this year. 
Tito dies on 2/13. 
Rocky Colavito=74(rev red)

The Curse of Rocky Colavito began on Easter Sunday in 1960. 
The Indians played the White Sox in an exhibition game at Russwood Park that burnt down later that day. 
Cleveland Indians=94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94
Remember Jordan played for Terry Francona in 94' 

There's a really good case to be made for the Cleveland Indians this year....
6/24 to 8/10 is 47 days. 
Indians haven't won in 70 years(after 10/11/18).
Indians=47(rev red), 70

Indians even played the Cubs on the 114th day of the year in 2018. 
They lost 10-3
Billy Goat=103
Cubs had 103 regular season wins in 2016. 
Indians were 94-67 in 2016...."Cleveland Indians"=67, 94

Funny to me that just last night my girlfriend wanted to watch (and we did) the movie "Truth or Dare". 
Truth or Dare=888

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  1. In reference to 983....New York Yankees World Series champions = 166