Monday, July 30, 2018

Man Wearing "Sandlot" shirt unknowingly takes selfie with Stars-James Earl Jones

Funny how I just mentioned this film in regards to James Earl Jones not too long ago. 
James Earl Jones born on 1/17..
Field of Dreams=117
You're Killing Me Smalls=117(rev red)
Major League Baseball=117(rev red)

Sandlot=510 and 624
Mr. Mertle=624

It's interesting that the day after the Tweet Patrick Renna went and hung out with the Yankees, but his favorite team is the Red Sox...
Remember Mr. Mertle in the Sandlot played for the 1927 New York Yankees. 

This also came 90 days before the World Series begins..
You're Killing Me Smalls=90

The World Series begins 87 days(end date) before "James Earl Jones"=87 bday. He's currently 87 years old. 

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