Tuesday, July 3, 2018

DeMarcus Cousins goes to Warriors-Rajon Rondo to Lakers-King symbolism-All the pieces I documented about the Rockets make a lot more sense

This stuff is such a joke. Demarcus Cousins is now going to the Warriors and Rajon Rondo going to the Lakers. 
Remember how DeMarcus Cousins had all the connection to Kobe Bryant who tore his achilles vs the Warriors? It was also all about "KING" symbolism. 
Cousins first game with the Pelican's was a loss to the Rockets and then he got hurt against the Rockets....but the first win while he was on the Pelican's was against the Lakers. 
Demarcus was also connected to Isaiah Thomas and the death of his sister....the Rajon Rondo got in a fight with Thomas over the Celtics stuff....now Rondo goes to the Lakers the big Rival of the Celtics. The Detroit Piston(Isaih Thomas) tore his achilles as well. lol....it's just comical. 

Search "Demarcus Cousins" or "Isaiah Thomas" on this blog and you find many posts of what I am talking about. 
Thomas' sister even died in a Toyota Camry....Camry means Crown....Stephen means Crown..
Thomas/Rondo/Cousins all played for the Kings at one point. 

It's all super coded to the Houston Rockets....Remember the Lakers got denied in the Chris Paul Trade...then Kobe tore his achilles when Mike D'Antoni was the coach..then Dwight Howard left to the Rockets. Isaih Thomas tore his achilles before the Rockets won the finals. Magic Johnson finished his career against the Rockets...Cousins first game as a Pelican against the Rockets...then tears his achilles against the Rockets. 
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Detroit Pistons=175
Golden State=175
These trades/signs make what I have been following the last 2 years make a lot more sense. 

Rondo=66=Lebron James=Lakers
DeMarcus Cousins=58, 95(rev red)
Warriors=58, 95(reverse)
Los Angeles Lakers=58, 95(rev red)
Kobe Bryant=58(rev red)
Kobe Bean Bryant=81
81 point game....
Demarcus Amir Cousins=81
Remember he tore his achilles with 8.1 seconds on the clock. 
The score was 109-113. 
Los Angeles=109
Kobe Bryant=113
It was 156 days after Kobe's bday...

In regards to Lebron James and the connections to Pope Francis and the Jesuits....remember Kobe tore his achilles just after Pope Francis became the Pope in 2013. 

Also in regards to Rondo...he went to college under Tubby Smith(Orlando) who went to Great Mills High School that got shot up by Austin Wyatt Rollins.....the shooting that was connected to Wrestlemania 34.....Remember a huge number I've documented with Kobe is 34/43. 

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