Thursday, July 19, 2018

Comment involving my dad-More 624-Comment on old video about Steelo Brim's nephew Drowning in a Pool

So I was in the process of uploading a video I made late last night a bit ago and I got this message that involved my dad. What's funny is I talked about my dad in that video as he is connected to my son who is seemingly connected to "Jesuit" coding. 
Zamien James Behrendt=84, 321, 192
He was born 3 months 21 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Not sure If I mentioned in the video, but his bday is 84 days before my dads. 
Dennis Michael Behrendt=927(satanic) and 192. 
Jesuit anniversary on 9/27 and so on..

I also pointed out that my moms name is "Ann Behrendt"=192(reverse)

Also the number 624 is probably the most important number in regards to everything going on with the other numbers. It's connected to Freemasonry/Jesuits/The Cubs/Indians/Pope/Prince Charles/My Grandma's death, My Uncle Clancy and Barney's death...the birth of my son connected to "Bridge" Symbolism. 
Regan Bowen=624
A frequent commenter so it's not some troll doing this on purpose. 

Anyway I talked about how my dad's name is 114(rev red) and he was born on April 11th...or 4/11. It's the 114th World Series and so on...
Notice his bday is 6 months 24 days before Nov. 4th or 11/4 too? 
Just absolutely crazy stuff. 
The video had to do with the Drowning Pool synchronicity as well...
Oddly enough my dad cannot swim. My mom is the manager of the swimming pool in town which is somewhat oxymoronic when you think about it. I was also a lifeguard at the pool for 9 or 10 years every summer. On Friday 7/20, I am djing a Night time pool party they are having open to the town too. I just bought a bunch of glow sticks off of amazon for it as well. So hopefully no one drowns at the pool that night as it's some weird syncs going on. 

The last time I talked about my dad was in regards to a dream I had of him dying on 3/6. Then I had synchronicity with Enterthe5t4rz that was all about the Bridge Collapse in Miami. 
Dream about my dad Bridge Symbolism
I even made the video about 624 and "Bridge Symbolism". 
Possibly we will get another Bridge story in the near future? 

Remember on 7/27 we are getting the partial eclipse that begins at 6:24pm. 

I wish I knew my grandpa's bday and full name. I wouldn't doubt if he dies in connection to all of this. I'm pretty sure he turned 84 years old in May? If anyone in my family is next to die, I am assuming it would be him which sounds bad to say. He seems fine, but I'm pretty sure his cancer came back. When my dad and others went to Seattle(206) area code in June my grandpa delayed his chemo for it. Or something a long the lines of that..I should know more, but I don't see them very often or ask about it really. I don't think he wants anyone to know that he has cancer as well. 

I mean seriously haha. I'm writing up this blog post and someone comments on an old video. Notice what the video is about? Steelo Brim's nephew DROWNING in a Pool. 
I've said it so many times...but what are the odds? 

Better yet in the very beginning of this video I talk about how I made a video about the Gorilla at the Omaha Zoo because of the show Ridiculousness. Then Steelo Brim's nephew dies....anyway tomorrow we are going to the Omaha Zoo(Henry Doorly). It will be the first time I have went this year too, and my sons first trip. Just hilarious. 
Steelo's real name is "Sterling"=624
Steelo...Steelers? City of Bridges? 

I also mentioned the "Father" symbolism in the Steelo video with Cardinal George Pell. Last summer there was a bigtime Father/Priest thing going on in connection to the Jesuits. 

Now this is even weirder. When I was a lifeguard at the swimming pool I specifically remember having to save 3 different kids. 3 different summers though...(not purposefully making a 33 there either). One of them was on the 4th of July...I haven't seen that kid or his dad in years and just 2 days ago I saw his dad at the gas station I work at. A lady even asked me who he was as she hadn't seen him in years and wondered if I knew if it was him or not. He's easy to remember as he is short with red hair and they used to call him "Moses" for some reason...
Another kid I saved was at a pool party..not sure of the date or year but what's interesting is that his father died this year. His father also worked for the Omaha World Herald which used to be owned by "Henry Doorly" the guy who the Zoo is named after. Now owned by Warren Buffet who could possibly die age 88 in the 88th year of the Stock Market Crash too. 

The other kid I saved has name gematria of 114 and I saw his dad today at work. My girlfriend also started a new job and last week was being trained by his older sister. 

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