Thursday, July 12, 2018

Emmett Till murder investigation reopens after 63 years-Stock Market/Money

Emmett Till=60(rev red)
Carolyn Bryant=60

Till was visiting his uncle Moses Wright in Money, Mississippi. 
Moses Wright=60(rev red)

Notice the event took place 4 days before he died which means it was 30 days after his bday....
Nigger=30, 42
Notice it's also 4 weeks 2 days...

Isn't his name a little odd too considering he died in the town called "Money"....Till...think about it...
They are opening up a 63 year case that happened in Money..
Root of all evil=63
Wall Street=63
Black Tuesday left 63 days in the year. 

Remember too that "Stock market"=521(satanic)
Civil Rights=521(satanic)

Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam admitted to the murder in "Look Magazine"=60, but they were protected by "double jeopardy"=63

Roy Bryant died age 63 too.
Roy Byrant=828(sum) and killed Till on 8/28.  

I'm also interested that Till was born on the 206th day of the year in Chicago. 206 a number I have been mentioning in regards to the Chicago Cubs stuff...
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)

Some bonus stuff I found while researching this..
Whites Only=60
Segregation=60(rev red)
Jim Crow came from Thomas Rice. 
Thomas Rice=60
Notice he died in the year 60' age 52...
Thomas D. Rice=52
Jump Jim Crow=52


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