Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lebron James signs with Los Angeles Lakers

This story comes as no surprise and on the perfect date for LeBron's name gematria. 
Lebron James=183(reverse)
He goes to the Lakers 183 days after his 33rd bday.

July 1st leaves 183 days in the year as well. Or also with the end date it's 183 days before Lebron's 34th bday. 

Lebron James=66, 42
Lakers=66, 42

How did I not know this.... 
That's just hilarious to me as they used to be my favorite team and I've been documenting about this number like crazy as "Chicago Cubs"=206 and so on...

Lebron being 33 years old is fitting as well. 
Remember Magic Johnson re-joined the Lakers staff on 2/2/2017. 
2/2 is the 33rd day...
Jerry Buss owned 66 perfecent of the Lakers=66 for 33 years. 
Thirty Three=66
Jerry Buss=137....The 33rd prime is 137
Buss also born in 33'. 
NBA Finals=33
Lakers fired Mitch Kupchak 3 months 3 days after his bday. 

This story also comes 1 month 14 days(end date) before Magic Johnson's bday. 
Lebron James=114
There's a riddle with Magic Johnson and Luke Walton being the coach. 
Walton was the 32nd pick in the draft and wore # 32 at Cleveland. 
Magic wore # 32...Came into the league in the Lakers 32nd season(Buss' first year). Announced his HIV age 32 and came back and played 32 games. 

Also don't forget the riddle with Caldwell-POPE...Lebron connected to Pope Francis and his visit to the US on 9/23..
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
This trade on 7/1 or 1/7..
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Golden State Warriors=175
Pope Francis=175

Lakers also signed Lance Stephenson..
Lance Stephenson born on 9/5...
Los Angeles Lakers=95(rev red)
Stephen means Crown...Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr...

Also think about the Dynasty comparison of the Warriors....reminding us of the Celtics....then we had Isaiah Thomas Traded from the Cavs to the Lakers....Kyrie Irving and Hayward will be back next season....Probably be Warriors-Celtics or Lakers-Celtics next year. 
The Pistons Isaih Thomas is best friends with Magic Johnson..

Los Angeles, California=89, 197
King James=89=Religion

Kawhi Leonard=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
July First=58
Magic Johnson is 58 years old right now. 

Also this is the Lakers 71st season, 70th in the NBA and 59th in Los Angeles. Magic will be 59 years old, Jim Buss will be 59 years old....7/1....the 71st season....

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