Monday, July 23, 2018

Nicole Maines first transgender Superhero-A story from 2014 I documented in regards to this-George HW Bush's heart doctor shot

The only reason I'm documenting this story is because not that long ago I actually mentioned that this girl might be of importance. I was talking about George HW Bush being hospitalized in Maine and in 2014 before I knew Gematria I was following a "MAINE" theme in the mainstream media. I had no idea this person was anything other than in the news for a court she's an actor and the first transgender superhero? Figures as the news is just a bunch of actors. 
Also interesting as we got the death of HW Bush's heart doctor not too long ago as well. 

Transgender=53, 125
Super Hero=53, 125
Supergirl=53, 125
George Bush=53
George Herbert Walker Bush=125(rev red)
His heart doctor died 5 weeks 3 days after his bday. 

The case was about using the bathroom at her school in MAINE....and her name is Maines...

Also thinking about how I was attracted to document about Ragbrai(Biking)...Heart Doctor shot in a drive by biking? 

Drive By=41, also 510(sum) and 624(rev sum)
Bush 41...
Skull and Bones=41

Transgendered=217(rev red) and 62
Heart Doctor=62(rev red)

Mark Hausknecht=81 and 81(rev red)

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  1. Interesting! Maine is the 23rd state to enter the Union on March 15, 1820(182). March 15th can be written as 3/15 and "315".
    "Super girl Nicole Maine"=315(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Freemasonry"=315(Reverse Franc Baconis)
    "New World Order Agenda's"=315(Reverse Ordinal)
    315/153/135-Trans gendered people are a part of a New World Order Agenda Ritual called Baphomet.
    "Baphomet Ritual"=153(Jewish Ordinal)
    The 1976 Olympic Gold Medal Decathlete "Bruce Jenner" was forced to undergo a Baphomet Ritual on Television.
    "41st President George Herbert Walker Bush"=182(Full Red KV)
    "Bruce Jenner"=182(Reverse Ordinal)
    "182" represents the year Maine became a state "1820"(182)
    The 41st President's cardiologist allegedly being shot while riding his BI-cycle, is a parallel with the 2018 Tour de France(Bicycle Race).
    "Tour de France"=182(Francis Bacon)
    "2018 Tour de France"=135(Jewish Ordinal) 315/153/135
    The Tour de France ends on July 29th (7/29, 729/927) 9/27 is the date the Jesuit Order was founded.
    "Bruce Jenner Olympic decathlete"=927(Reverse Franc Baconis)

    Jenner's birthday is October 28th, which can be written as 10/28, 1028/128/182.
    "Television"=128(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Nicole Maines"=128(LCH Kabbalah)
    "President Donald John Trump"=128(Reverse Full Red.)
    The 128th prime is "719" like 7/19. July 19th is the 200th day of the year and Trump's scripted June 14th birthday leaves '200' days remaining in the year.
    "Caitlyn Marie Jenner"=614(Primes) "614" or "6/14"
    Politics/Sports/Music/Entertainment are intertwined (Thelema), while Saturn/Satan is keeping time.
    "Thelema"=127(Franc Baconis) The divisors of "127" sum to "128"
    "Synagogue Of Satan Television"=127(Jewish Red.)
    Dr. Mark Hausknecht was allegedly "65" years old. The hexadecimal of "65" is "41", reflective of the 41st President George H W Bush. "Saturn/Satan"=41(Jewish Red.)
    "Bruce Jenner"=65(Reverse Full Red.) 65/56
    "Caitlyn Jenner"=56(Jewish Red.)
    "Nicole Maines"=56(Full Red.)
    "Television"56(Jewish Red.)
    "Mark Of The Beast"=56(Jewish Red.)
    Television is one of the "Beasts"