Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Indians acquire Detroit Tigers Leonys Martin for Willi Castro-Cubs-Indians 114th World Series Riddle

As much as I've mentioned the connection to the Indians/Cubs and the Detroit Tigers...The Indians make a trade with the Detroit Tigers just before the Trade deadline. 

The trade comes 147 days after his bday..
World Series=147 and 57
Leonys Martin=57
The Indians currently have 57 wins. 

Leonys Martín Tápanes=231
National Anthem=231

Notice he was traded for Willi Castro as well. 
Willi born on the 114th day of 1997. 
The 114th World Series is this year. 
Remember the Indians played the Cubs on the 114th day this season. 
Tito Francona was born on 11/4 and he died in connection to Rocky Colavito. (8 months 10 days before the 114th WS...Rocky born on 8/10). 
Terry Francona is currently 11-4 in World Series coaching. 

I just realized too that the 114th day is also 108 days before Rocky Colavito's bday. 
108 the big number with the Cubs and Indians....Rocky traded to Detroit on the 108th day the same year Lou Boudreau coached the Cubs. 
Lou Boudreau died on Rocky's bday in 2001(Just before 9/11). 
8/10 is the 222nd day....Cleveland just celebrated it's 222nd anniversary being founded. 
It's also interesting that Leonys Martin's bday is 7 months 17 days before the WS as Boudreau's bday was 7/17/17..
17 a big number this year with Valentines and the Cubs...
7/17/17 also the day the House of Windsor was established...
God=17 Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24/1717. 
Rocky Colavito=624
Detroit Tigers=624
Grover Cleveland died on 6/24 in 1908...108 days before the WS. 
The Indians played the Tigers this year on 6/24....they also played them again starting on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. 
Freemasonry rides the Goat(Curse of the Billy Goat). 

Leonys Martin also has ties to Aroldis Chapman as they are both Cuban. They played on the Cuban National Team and Martin was the youngest player as he was 6 days younger than Chapman. 
Aroldis Chapman=624
Chapman born the same day Harvey Kuenn died(2/28/88). Kuenn traded for Rocky Colavito....Chapman traded to the Cubs 148 days after his bday in 2016...
Cleveland Indians=148 and a lot more. 

Remember "Cuba"=206(Jewish)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Think about the trade for Willi CASTRO as well....think about that in regards to Cuba..
Willi Castro=141, 156(reverse)
World War III=141, 156(reverse)

The Cubs tied the "Pittsburgh Pirates"=228 the same day of the Hoboken Train Crash with 114 people injured. Hoboken where the first baseball game was played. That same day the Indians were postponed against the Tigers....It was the first "Tie"=114 since 2005 when the Astro's tied the Reds 114 days before making the WS against the White Sox. The Cubs then went on to win the WS getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
My Uncle Barney went to a Reds vs Cubs game on 8/8/2005....then he died after the Cubs won on 1/14. The same day I got an expressed shipping letter in the mail with $300 and an email from some guy in Omaha/Council Bluffs who said his birthday was 1/14. I think both legit people...although I never got a response from the email kid and the lady has sent me a handful of other letters in the mail. 

It truly seems as if the Indians will be winning the World Series this year...but I just wonder if they are being used to show me the Cubs. Ray Nauroth being a Yankees fan and dying on 4/2 which was 114 days after his bday this year was interesting. Especially since the Yankees were postponed against the RAYS the day he died. Then the next day they won 11-4. The Yankees have Aroldis Chapman again who is key to the Indians/Cubs stuff. 
I think if they Indians make the WS they will win it this year, but if they don't make it I'm almost positive the Cubs will make the WS. 
Plus the 9/11 symbolism is hard to pass up...Lou Boudreau dying 1 month 1 day before 9/11/2001.....think about all the 11 involved...it was Rocky's 68th bday...68 important to 9/11. The World series then ended on 11/4/2001. 

Ray was also in WWII....
World War=42 and 114
He dies in the same room as Tom Murphy...Murphy is the name of the Billy Goat that cursed the Cubs...
But the Indians last won the year Israel declared it's independence(Israel created out of World War). 
There's also the Terry Francona riddle with the Red Sox/Indians...

Today is also 2 months 23 days before the 114th WS. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=223
The Cubs lost 10-3 to the Indians on the 114th day of the year. 
Billy Goat=103
Tyler Chatwood=624 and he got the win in the game on the 114th day this year. He just recently lost his starting position to Cole Hamels instead of Mike Montgomery who was born 114 days before the 114th WS Begins. 

Funnier yet...while writing this blog post my girlfriend turned the TV on and started watching the final episode of the Big Bang Theory. In the beginning it has Sheldon's mom being racist in regards to Raj being "INDIAN". 

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