Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Prince Louis Christening missed by Queen and Prince Philip-Old Info 423-Lion King-Charles

Queen Elizabeth=66
Prince Louis=66(rev red)
She missed his christening 79 days after her bday on 7/9. 

97 year old Prince Philip also missed the christening on 9/7.

Prince Philip=423(eng ext.)
Louis born on 4/23. 
Funny as 423 was a big piece to what I was talking about with the death of Prince(singer) and how it was connected to the Royal Family. 
I even put my first ever youtube "conspiracy" video out on 4/23/13. 
King Charles II was coronated on 4/23. 
Youtube Copyright Strikes Old Video after I put Prince video out
What's funny about seeing this 423 number again is that in my post about it I brought up Charles Carroll III. I just recently randomly brought him back up because the declaration of independence signing coding is really obvious with him included. 
Think about it thought....He shares a bday of 11/14 with Prince Charles...."Charles III". 
It also had to do with the date of 11/25 which is also Joey Chestnut's bday(I just documented about him as well). 
Scottish Rite=165
Twenty Two=165
22 Jumpstreet came out 165 days before 11/25(Henrietta's bday)
My bday is 165 days before 4/23. 
If I start seeing 513's again I know there is a reason I'm even reminded of this pattern. 
Also July 9th is the 190th day. 
King Charles=190
Think about the ROYAL Rumble stuff this year too. 
Ronda Rousey won UFC 190 just after "Rowdy Roddy Piper"=190 died. Rousey lost her final fight to "Amanda Nunes"=190
I've been talking about the connections to Earthquakes...
King Charles=107
This story comes 8 days before the 101st annivesary of the the "House of Windsor"=92, 191, "Queen Elizabeth II"=191
Elizabeth is 92 years old....
101 is 26th prime. 
Queen=26....became queen on 2/6....born in 26'. turned 26 years old the same year she became Queen. Coronated on 6/2. 

I haven't documented this on the blog but remember that Philip is 1776 days older than Elizabeth as well. 

I just discovered another 510...."Christening". Christ...
Christ=510(rev sum)
Remember "Christ"=77 as well. This story came 77 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday...
3/18 is the 77th day. 
Charles bday is the 318th day of the year. 
Diana died on 31/8. 
318 the God number in Touch. 
318 mentions of the return of Jesus in the New Testament. 

9/19 is the big day I always say is important to the Queen and it's 151 days after her bday. "Jesus Christ"=151
Prince Philip gave up royal duties on 8/2/17(214th day). 
Elizabeth born on 21/4. 
9/19 to 4/21 is 214 days. 
Valentines is 2/14...

Random but discovering some things I never really put together before...
Thirty Three=156
156th prime is 911

When I first woke up today we were scrolling through movies and my girlfriend kept saying Lion King II. I'd never watched it before and they were telling me how Simba's daughter falls in love with Scar's son....I laughed and said so Simba's kid is doing his cousin? It's not actually Scars kid it says on Wiki but chosen by Scar, but still funny as the Real Royal Family does that all the time....
Anyway I see that "Lion"=190(satanic)....
Remember "Leon" was important with James Earl Jones/Mufassa/Darth Vader....Leon means Lion...Obama the Lion King and so on...
Haha and I was thinking about the play on words Lion/Lying...
Lying King=423(satanic)

Also a few minutes ago I got a notification asking about Prince Charles becoming King lol. 

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