Thursday, July 26, 2018

Flat Tire on my car yesterday and I noticed my dads license plate has 624 on it.

I have recently been documenting how there is something special to my Dad and my Son. A big thing with it was the number 72, 192 and 624. 
Drowning=624(Drowning Pool stuff on 7/2 lots more)
My son's name equals 72 and 72 rev red. 
My son being born 6 months 24 days after 6/24 and so on...
I've talked about it in connection to the 114th World Series...
My dad born on 11/4(april 11th) and 6 months 24 days before 11/4(Nov. 4th). 
Also his full name equals 114(rev red). 
I just realized that "DAD"=114(satanic) and also 72(reverse)...

Tuesday Night/Wednesday morning(works overnights) my girlfriend took my car to work and it got a flat tire in the parking lot. I didn't feel like putting the donut on, so I just used the portable air tank and filled it. I then took the car to my parents house and figured I'd look at it today. It went flat again, so I had to put a new tire on. My dad had a different tire to put on, as the one I had was messed up on the inside of the tire. Anyway he showed me how to put the tire on a rim with my grandpa's tire machine...something I had never done before...Anyway moral of the story as I was loading the new tire back into my dads truck I noticed his license plate had 624 in it. Just mind blowing stuff every single day...

Flat Tire=321(Jewish)
Zamien James Behrendt=192 and 321(reverse)
Dennis Michael Behrendt=192

Donald Behrendt=72(rev red)(grandpa)
Thinking about the Duck Bus crash that was in connection to all of this as well....Donald Duck...Trump
The reason I mention this is because he came out and helped. My dad has 2 bad shoulders and isn't supposed to lift anything and neither is my grandpa...but they are both guys who hate sitting around and love always tinkering and doing something. I didn't let them help much, but if you knew either one of's almost impossible to tell them to stop cause they aren't gonna listen lol. 
Working is their hobby it seems... if that makes sense. 

Also the last 2 summers instead of driving one of my 2 cars I've been driving my Dads Golf Cart to work and around town. I let my girlfriends family drive my other car. It only sticks out to me as the golf cart was originally my grandpa's, but he got a new one and gave the old one to my dad. 

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