Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Death of Ray Emery-Valentines-The Mighty Ducks

I just talked about XXXTentacion's cousin supposedly Drowning and the connection to Drowning Pool the band. Now we get the death of a hockey player in a drowning as well. 

Notice he died 151 days after Valentines Day. 
Valentines Day=151
He also died 76 days or 2 months 14 days before his bday. 
Valentines is 2/14. 
He died in "Hamilton, Ontario"=76
Also it was before his 36th bday...
36th prime number is 151. 

July 15th is also a perfect day in regards to Valentines as it's 151 days after but 214 days before. 
August 2nd is the 214th day leaving 151...
May 31st is the 151st day leaving 214 days. 

Drowing=40(rev red)

The media is reporting about him being a Philadelphia Flyer mostly, although he played for other teams. 
Philadelphia the city of Brotherly Love....Valentines...
Also he was the goalie which reminds me of Goldberg on the Mighty Ducks who says he's gonna be moving back to Philly yet it's never mentioned again in the film. 

Raymond Emery=60(rev red)
Think about the stereotype that Black people can't swim too. 

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