Friday, July 20, 2018

11 DROWN after Boat capsized in Missouri-Denis Ten dies

I have been gone all day at the Zoo and then I went to my drummer's house for a going away party. He is moving to Arizona to go back to college. Anyway they have a nice salt water pool in the back yard and Claire and a few other kids went swimming. The whole time I was standing there watching them like crazy as all I could think about was the "Drowning" stuff I have recently documented. 
Anyway we just got home a bit ago and I sit down check out the news and these are 2 of the big stories going on right now....

11 people DROWNED on a Duck Boat in Missouri..
Also an olympic figure skater with the name DENIS getting stabbed to death. 
Remember my dads name is "Dennis"....
Denis Ten=36 and dies 36 days before his bday. 
Just crazy stuff. 

Branson Missouri=206
Chicago Cubs=206
Remember how I mentioned my dad going to Seattle this year which is the 206 area code...Also in regards to the "Duck Boat" it reminds me of the Duck Bus Crash in Seattle in 2015. 
I swear to god that last night I watched part of the "Mighty Ducks" too. I downloaded and paid 10 dollars for "DirectTVNow" only to find out it doesn't work with my Android Box. I noticed it worked for my laptop and I figured since I paid 10 bucks might as well watch it on my laptop. The only thing I watched was the Mighty Ducks...not the whole movie but probably half hour of it. It started just before the Ducks made the playoffs on the film and I watched it for a bit before I started making some videos. 

Remember there was synchonicity with Sam's video as well on 5/19 with the Duck Theme..

I'm going to bed, but what are the odds we get a big "DROWNING" story now? 

11 people drown and 31 on the boat? 
11th prime is 31. 
Ride the Ducks=197(reverse) Today is 19/7. 


  1. Ha! I was going to mention my duck theme, but you were on top of it I see! We also have mutual friends who were just on that ride in Branson a couple weeks ago. I thought that was worth mentioning.

  2. You guys are Wizards.
    "Ten" = 39 Ordinal | "Duck" = 39 Ordinal
    Make sure you check my post on Denis Ten if you didn't see it...pretty in-depth:

    1. Also, Missouri became a state on 8/10, a number you've been documenting lately I think. This accident occurred 22 days before their 197th birthday on the date 19/7.