Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bruce Willis Roasted and some synchronicity in regards to it-Joseph Gordon Levitt-9/11-DEMI Moore/Lovato

Bruce Willis=133(reverse)
He gets roasted 133 days(end date) after his bday. 

The last time there was a roast it was Robe Lowe in 2016. Remember how Rob Lowe was connected to the World Series in 2015 and also in 2016. 
2015 they had the power outage at the WS they blamed on the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. 
In a round about way his roast was showing me to look at the Mets game on that same day in 2016 which was pointing to the Cubs. His show was cancelled 112 days before the roast as well....
I even mentioned how Donald Trump was also roasted in regards to the connections to the Roasts.....and Trump's bday being 133 days before the World Series. 

Interesting too that the Comedy Central Roasts began on 8/10 which is Rocky Colavito's bday. Also it says they invite 8 to 10 people to roast each other.
It's also interesting that just a few days ago my daughter wanted to watch "Tommy Boy" as she thinks it's a hilarious movie. So we watched it again...We tried to show it to my nephew the next day as well, but the internet wasn't working at my parents to watch it. 
I only bring it up as Rob Lowe is in that film. 

I'll have to find the Bruce Willis Roast and see if anything stands out. 
I can't help but think about Die Hard in regards to all of the 9/11 symbolism too. 

What else is interesting in regards to synchronicity that I just now thought of....Joseph Gordon Levitt is the kid in Angels in the Outfield that I have been trying to watch but keep falling asleep. Last night I randomly tried watching "Inception" that also has him in it.....He's also in the film "Looper" with Willis and was at the Roast. 
I only wanted to watch Inception because I was thinking about how my life seems to sync up so much with the media and what not....in the film they get the girl to be the "architect/builder"...she creates a false reality within the dream state....I was thinking possibly that's similar to how all of this works....I didn't even think about Joseph Gordon Levitt being in the film until just now haha. 

Also think about Bruce Willis in regards to DEMI Moore...It just reminds me of DEMI Lovato being in the news.....I can't think of any other famous Demi's other than them 2. Possibly there are more but they are the only ones I can think of that most people I assume would think of too. 
Demi Moore born on 11/11 just like Leonardo DiCaprio(Inception)....11/11 WWI....9/11....
Oddly enough too....Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico and Demi Lovato born in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

A lot of interesting people of the 16 that have been roasted as well..
James Franco(Korea/JFK)
Donald Trump
Charlie Sheen(recently mentioned with Indians)

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