Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pope Francis tells gay man God made him that way-Chile Bishops resign-58th anniversary of Chile Earthquake Worst ever recorded

God made you like that and loves you like that=156
Thirty Three=66, 156
137 is the 33rd prime. 
Gay Guys=33

Notice his name...
Juan Carlos=33, 156(reverse)
Juan Cruz=33
He was supposedly a victim of sexual abuse from a Chilean Priest. 

This story comes 156 days after Pope Francis' bday. 

It's also 6 months 26 days before his next bday...This sticks out because 6/26 is the day gay marriage was legalized in the US...when Obama was the president...Then the conspiracy theory they popularized like Flat Earth about him married to a Tranny and everyone in Hollywood's a Tranny. All part of the mocking. 

The 1:38 video on CNN as well.

The 33 Youtube Video
Juan Carlos being from Chile also reminds me of the Chilean Miners story and the film called "The 33" they released about it. 
Sexual abuse of Minors......

Funny in this video I talk about Antonio Banderas being Tom Hanks gay boyfriend in the film "Philadelphia". 
This story of Pope Francis and Juan Carlos comes on 5/21..

Remember the worst ever recorded Earthquake was in Chile on 5/22/1960...How interesting today was the 58th anniversary....remember how everything with earthquakes is important to 58 and 85....
The Study of Earthquakes goes back to 585BC by "Thales of Miletus"=85..

Remember the Mexican earthquake this year happened exactly 585 days after Pope Francis visited Mexico. 
Pope Francis=58(rev red)

The story of Juan Carlos comes just days after we got the story of the Bishops in Chile Resigning...

lol seriously my mind is blown right now. For some reason earlier tonight I had the urge to watch the film "Encino Man". I have no idea why at all, it just popped in my head.....Anyway I just got up to pee and I noticed my girlfriend is sleeping on the couch so I could finally turn it on to watch it. I start the movie and it literally starts with an Earthquake scene...better yet the film came out on 5/22...which is today/yesterday(2:15 am right now on 5/23)....but it's the anniversary of the worst ever recorded earthquake that was in Chile. 
I'm still watching it and now there is another Earthquake that brings up the Caveman while he's digging up a pool in his backyard. 

You know thinking about it now too. I just recently watched "National Treasure" just because it was on TV. Remember my post with my Cuban Friend messaging me involved Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Cage...It's just crazy how random these things are and I don't even realize it until a day or so later sometimes. 


  1. I thought about watching Encino Man too, but I saw it was the 26th anniversary. The 138 stuff makes me think of The Misfits song, "We Are 138." Is Danzig saying, "We Are Gay"? Lol

  2. Dan you may want to watch the new movie "game night." it references the movie Philadelphia and something about death after the film when the credits are rolling.

  3. The fictional character(Juan Carlos), has the same initials as Jesus Christ, J.C.
    "Sodom and Gomorrah"=81-(4 Ciphers)-Pope Francis is 81 yrs old
    "Masonic Orders"=81(4 Ciphers)

    The square root of "83" is (11.4)01754250991, 11.4/114
    "Juan Carlos"=114
    The Catholic Church gave us that false image of Christ(Cesare Borgia). He was the son of Pope Alexander VI, he died at the age of 31. He was a sodomite, he wore a leather mask covering half his face because of syphilis(Phantom Of The Opera). This story is some kind of tribute to him
    "Phantom Of The Opera"=522(Rev Franc Baconis)Like 5/22-The day the story came out.
    "Cesare Borgia"=523(Satanic) Like 5/23 The divisors of 523 sum to 524. The story will end on 5/24.
    "Thirty One Years Old"=83(Like Mockery and Sephardic)