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Youtube Copyright strikes old Video Princess Charlotte 165

I put a video out on 4/23 talking about how right after I uploaded my Prince video Youtube put a copyright strike on a video I had from November 25th 2014.  
Here's a link to the video. This post is just to add some extra thoughts on it. 
Youtube Copyright Strikes Old Video
The Video on 11/25/14  was about the movie 22 Jumpstreet that came out on 6/13/14.  
6/13 to 11/25 is a span of 165 days. 
Twenty Two=165
This year June 13th is the 165th day of the year. 
One Hundred Sixty Five=112 
112th prime is 613 (June 13th) 
I noticed today that 4/23 is also 165 days after my birthday on 11/10. 
11/10 leaves 51 days in the year. 
4/23 to 6/13 is 51 days. 
My Copyright strike came 515 days after I put the video up. 
Since it was 22 Jumpstreet I also went 22 days before and After 4/23. 
4/1 is 22 days before or "April Fools"=51
5/15 is 22 days after. 
6/13 minus 22 days is 5/22(143rd day)
6/13 +22 days is 7/5.  Also 5/7 (Prince dies age 57)
Princess Charlotte was baptized on 7/5 last year. 
National Treasure says "The Secret lies with Charlotte"=121
The Secret was entrusted to the Family by Charles Carroll. 

A real guy too.  How about that too.  He was the last living and only Catholic Signer on the Declaration of Independence. He died 56 years after it was signed by 56 Signers.  John Hancock was the first Signer who died age 56. 
Eliz II became Queen when he dad died age 56. 
One Six Five=128, 56  
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128

Also His name is CHARLES Carroll III and dies exactly 116 years before Prince Charles was born. Prince will become King Charles III if Eliz II dies.   Carroll also born on 9/19. The day I've mentioned lots of times. 
November Fourteenth=91
September Nineteenth=91
Will Smith Footballer # 91 dies.  Will Smith the Fresh Prince. 
9/19 is also the date Youtube first ever gave me a copyright strike and kept doing it at later dates that synched up to 6/26 last year. 
9/19 the 262nd day too. 
He signed it as "Charles Carroll of Carrollton"=961(Jewish)
Elevator=961(Jewish)  Prince (Singer) dies on Elevator. 

Charlotte is the Feminine form of Charles. 
She will be 1 year 1 month and 11 days old on 6/13/16. 
I also found it interesting that Princess Charlotte's name is "Charlotte Elizabeth Diana"=219
Back to Back Championships=219
219 special to Pope Francis. 
Philadelphia Trainwreck on 5/12 is 219 days before Pope's Bday.
5/12 to 8/7 is 87 days.  8/7 the 219th day. 
8/7 to 3/13 is 219 days. (Day Francis Became Pope)

It may be years, but it seems as though they are setting up Charlotte to be Queen. They seem to love long Reigning Woman. Who knows just a thought.  

The above is amazing too considering all the 51 stuff I have been mentioning lately. 
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Eliz II became Queen.
Pope Francis turned 15 in the year 51'
All the Cleveland Connections to 51...
Philadelphia=101, 65  
1965 was 51 years ago.
1915 was 101 years ago. 
There's definitely some crazy magic stuff that goes on too. 
I realized that 11/10 to 4/23 is also 5 months 13 days. Another number I have been mentioning a lot lately. 
Right as I thought this, I looked up at my computer and the document I was typing was a Check for $513. 
The next Check I got was $ 216. 
Now this is interesting because 11/10 to 6/13 is 216 days. 
4/23 was also the 114th day of the year. 
 I've been mentioning the significance of 146 and how it's connected to 14/6 (June 14th  Pope Donald Trump Philadelphia)
Zach was talking about 5/23 being the 144th day which is ripe for an assassination.   
What stands out to me about youtube doing this to me on the 114th day of the year is..."The Day Before"=114 
I've pointed out before it seems as if a lot of the days I point out, something significant happens the Day Before. 
Also 5/22(143rd day) I have talked about a lot. 
Cheney's hunting accident happened 522 weeks before Scalia dies. 
Kerr came back on 1/22 same day David Blatt was Fired. 
David Michael Blatt=146 (June 14th) 
His bday is 5/22  also 1/22 is 122 days before 5/22.
Much much more.  

Anyway I checked on my word document to see if I had found other 165's before. 
Some interesting 165's. 
Camilla Rosemary=165 (Prince Charles Wife) 
She was also born on 7/17  the Day before the Republican National Convention begins in Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. 
Donald Trump Assassinated at National Convention=165
She will be 69 years old.  
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Back to Back=69
All the 69's lately. 
Also in Queen Elizabeth Dies Camilla will become Queen and Charles the King. 
Queen Camilla=404(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404 (Jewish)
Remember Pope Francis Arrived in the US at 4:04pm on his 923rd day as being Pope. 
Revelation has 404 verses.
KJV came out 404 years ago until 5/2/16. 
5/2 is Charlotte's Bday. 
52nd prime is 239.  We are in the 239th year of US until 7/4/16.
5/2 to 7/4 is 2 months 2 days.  Twenty Two=165 
Also "Denise Matthews"=165
Super interesting considering I mentioned how Prince's death is connected to her death in my Prince Video. The one I uploaded right before the Copyright Strike. 

Some other 165's I'm not gonna explain all of them but just list them for now. 
Emilio Estevez=165
Tour Bus Crash=165 (Duck Bus)
Tommy Callahan III=165 
Willis Tower=165 (Chicago)
Thirty Seven=165 (Chicago=37)
Willis Tower located at 
233 S. Wacker Dr.     233 is the 51st prime. 
Lamar Joseph Odom=165
Sylvia Browne=165
War on Terror=165
Kenneth Mccormick=165
Patrick Dempsey=165
Neil Armstrong=165
Connor Mcgregor=165
Highway Forty=165
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii=165
Denver Airport=165
Daniel Holtzclaw=165
New York Jets=165
Denver Coliseum=165
Carolina Panthers win Superbowl Fifty=165
Black Quarterbacks=165
Dukes of Hazzard=165
Black Protester=165
March Thirty First Two Thousand Sixteen=165
Warriors stop Spurs Home Game Win Streak=165

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