Thursday, July 26, 2018

Missing Iowa Woman might be found by Fitbit-Freemasonry-Iowa Hawkeyes

This story as far as I know got popular in the Mainstream media on 25/7. It was in local media(Des Moines), but I didn't see it anywhere else until yesterday. 
257 is the 55th prime number. 

Mollie Tibbetts=55
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 62(rev red), 179

She was at her boyfriends house before going for a Jog and then went missing. 

Notice her boyfriends name...
Dalton Jack=62(rev red), 179(reverse)


Kirk Ferentz=62 and is currently 62 years old. 
The story also reminds me of how Nile Kinnick's body is still missing. He died on 6/2. 

This story is a perfect place for the main narrative the mainstream media has been using the past year....Trump's bday on Flag day...The Super Bowl all about Kneeling and the Flag...Roseanne canceled because of the National Anthem stuff and more...

Notice Brooklyn, Iowa is known as the Community of Flags as they have a big thing with all the Flags of the 50 states. 
University of Iowa=231
National Anthem=231

In 2016 I showed multiple examples of how the media and other things with the Iowa Hawkeyes were pointing to the Chicago Cubs as well. The reason I even bring this up with this story is because on the Facebook it stylizes Brooklyn reminding us of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  

She went missing 1 month 14 days before the Hawkeyes first game on 9/1. 
114th world series...
Chicago Cubs=91=Chicago Illinois
Iowa Hawkeyes=145
Chicago Illinois=145(search previous posts on all of this)

To top off the story this girl also pinned a tweet from November 14th 2017 on the top of her Twitter account about a cop thinking she was a missing person. Oh the odds she is now missing. 

Also everything about this story points to Freemasonry.  
Born on 5/8...
She goes missing on 18/7. 
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187
The 187 Chapters in the Torah. 
Washington DC=187=George Washington
Society of Jesus=187

Iowa Woman=42
Mollie Tibbets...MT....M=4...T=2(42). 

She goes missing 42 weeks before her next bday. 

Also 2 months 11 days(end date) after her 20th bday. 
211 the 47th prime. 2/11 the 42nd day....
Freemason Compass at 47 degrees. 
Euclids. 47th problem about foundation. 
Foundation=47=President=White house=government=republican=democrat and so on. 

Even the story of the police thinking she was a missing child came 5 months 24 days before her bday. 

Also November 14th is the day that leaves 47 days in the year. 

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  1. 187 is the California murder code. I bet they say shows murdered. Also, it's California, so another Dodger connection.

    New York Yankees = 187
    Society of Jesus = 187

    I don't know how old she is, but it says her boyfriend is 20

    Twenty Year Old = 187