Saturday, June 30, 2018

6/24 and the connections to my birthday-Death of my Grandma and Uncle Clancy-Birth of my Son

At work today I was thinking about the date 6/24 more. All of these connections in my own life, so I figured there might be something important to my birthday with it. 
Anyway if you go from 6/24 to my bday it's 4 months 17 days. 
Also 139 days. 
6/24 is when modern Freemasonry was founded...
Also 4/17 is the day my Uncle Clancy and Barbara Bush died. 
He died 159 days(end date) after my bday and his name equals 159. 
Scottish Rite=159
Without the end date he died 158 days after my bday...
Also "Valentine"=417(satanic)
It also means he died 6 months 24 days before my next birthday. 
My Grandma died 6 months 24 days before Clancy died. It was the same day Nikolas Cruz was born. 
Valentines this year was really important to Chicago and the Cubs...
Earlier in 2017 my Uncle Barney died in connection to the Cubs....My neighbor/grandma's neighbor died in connection to the Cubs. 

Murphy is the name of the goat that cursed the Cubs. 
Charles Murphy the owner of the Cubs when they won in 1908. 

Remember how my Grandma died 1 month 17 days before my birthday and then my son was born on 1/17....
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117(my girlfriend)
If you go from my sons birthday to 6/24 it's 158 days. 
Also if you go from 6/24 to my sons next bday it's 6 months 24 days. 

I also had my 3rd nephew born on 4/5 this year....
45 that big number with the Geometry/Cubs/Indians...
He also has the same reduced/red rev gematria of my son. 84, 105
My Grandma died 8 months 10 days after my Uncle Barney in 2017....
Rocky Colavito's bday is 8/10..
Lou Boudreau died on 8/10. 
Indian Chess player born on 8/10. 
Herbert Hoover died on 8/10. 
Clancy's granddaughter named "Ellie" after my grandma was born on 8/10 in the year 2015. 
Rocky Colavito=624
Detroit Tigers=624
6/24 to 8/10 is 1 months 17 days. 

In regards to Freemasonry and the connections to the Death's on the Murphy side of my family....
Eugene Murphy=158
Barney Murphy=158(reverse)
Mike Murphy=58, 139
Kelly Murphy=58

My cousin Gene(named after my grandpa) just had a baby girl on 6/22 and named her Ellie....It was 271 days after my grandma died...
58th prime is 271. 

As far as I know none of them were Freemasons or knew anything about it, but interesting numbers in a lot of them in connection with it. 
My moms maiden name also...
Ann Kathleen Murphy=206
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
She was born on 30/1...
Freemasonry founded 301 years ago. 
Dan Behrendt=58(rev red)

Also "Bridge"=117
81 an important number to Bridges...

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