Monday, July 30, 2018

Guy wearing a Freemason Hat that came into the store today

Today at work there was a guy who came in wearing a Freemason Hat. I honestly cannot think of any other time I have seen someone wearing anything connected to in my life like that. I've saw it on the news or stuff I've documented but not actually in person. 
Anyway I felt like it was something significant that I was supposed to remember/document...It was an old black guy probably around his 70's...he seemed like a nice guy and if I didn't have other customers I was going to ask him about it....ask what degree he is and if he knows or can tell me anything about Gematria. If he said he didn't know, I was going to tell him all about 47 and some other things to see his reaction....
Anyway what I found interesting was he came in for a pack of "Wild Horse" cigarettes, but we don't sell them. I told him the other gas station does, because that's what my girlfriend smokes and she had them special order them for her while she worked there. 
Anyway while he was looking for a different kind, his what I'm assuming son came in and wanted a bag of Ice. Ever since Ragbrai came through we have been running out of Ice, so of course we didn't have Ice to sell either. They seemed a bit disappointed, but ended up getting a pack of USA Golds and then left. 

Anyway I thought it was funny considering the word "ICE"=17
17th prime is 59. 
Wild Horse=59
We know how 59 is stamped negatively on black people throughout history. 
The Cozy Corner=59(rev red)..other gas station. 
Also.."Freemasonry"=59(rev red)


  1. Dan you might like this. "King James" or James VI and I was a so-called Negroid/Colored Man. They know this in England and this is the reason LeBron James is called "King James". When King James was a child they called his "Black Boy" and he was a Freemason as you well know. He was born in the year "1566" on June 19th and King James was "59" when he allegedly died from a stroke caused by Tertain Ague(Malaria).
    "Negro"=59(English Ordinal)

    "Wild Horse Cigarettes"=1566(Jewish)
    "Scottish Freemasonry"=1566(Reverse English Sumerian)
    King James was the 1st and only King to rule over "3" Kingdoms(SCOTland/Ireland & England)

    June 19th( King James DOB) is recognized in America as "Juneteenth". Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of the last remaining slaves in America.
    "Juneteenth"=49(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Wild Horse"=49(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Tertain Ague"=49(Full Red.)
    "Forty Nine"=46(Jewish Red.)
    "USA Golds"=46(4 Ciphers)
    "46/49"- The #6 is the #9 upside down.
    A man named "Prince Hall" commissioned the 1st African American Freemason Lodge in America(Boston, MA). He was denied admittance in America with "14" other Free Slaves, so they applied in Ireland(Scottish Freemasonry) and was accepted. King James was born in Scotland(Edinburgh Castle).
    "Juneteenth"=888(Reverse English Sumerian)
    "Edinburgh Castle"=888(English Sumerian) "888" 8x8x8=512
    "Edinburgh Castle"=512(Reverse Franc Baconis)
    "Scottish Freemasonry"=1512(English Sumerian)

    "Prince Hall Freemason Lodge"=515(Reverse Francis Bacon)
    "Transatlantic Slave Trade"=515(Franc Baconis)
    The divisors of "515" sum to "624". "624" or "6/24"
    You have taught that June 24th is the date the 1st Freemason Lodge was founded in England in the Year "1717".
    "False Jews"=1717(Jewish)

    "Wild Horse Cigarettes"=298(Francis Bacon)
    "Abolition Of Slavery"=298(Francis Bacon)
    "LeBron Raymone James Sr."=298(Reverse Ordinal) The 298th prime is "1973"
    "James VI And I"=1973(Reverse Trigonal)

    "Tobacco Crop"=666(English Sumerian) "666"(6x6x6=216)
    "Wild Horse Cigarettes"=216(Jewish Ordinal) "216" is the Area Code in Cleveland, OH
    "USA Gold"=216(Reverse Franc Baconis)

    You mentioned in your video about LeBron's Mural being vandalized that he signed with the Lakers for "154" million,"183" days before his birthday.
    "Vandalism=888(Reverse English Sumerian) Like "Juneteenth".

    "USA Gold"=183(Francis Bacon)
    "USA Gold"=154(Franc Baconis)

  2. My great uncle lives in Cedar Rapids. He's married to my grandma's sister. Whenever he's around I notice that he is always wearing a ring with the G and compass on it. I asked him about it one day, since I know there's a big lodge there. He said it was his dads, and that he was big into Freemasonry. He said he isn't a Mason. I don't know if I believe him, but it's interesting.

  3. In DC there are a ton of masons... everyday I see one