Sunday, July 29, 2018

Civil Rights Rep. John Lewis hospitalized-Bridge symbolism

REP John Lewis=64
Civil Rights=64

We're getting this story 5 months 9 days after his bday(end date)
Slave=59 and 76
Negro=59 and 76
John Robert Lewis=76
John Lewis=52
Born on the 52nd day of the year. 

I got a feeling I'm supposed to see this story. I recently made the video in regards to the "N" word and Civil Rights that Youtube gave a "Warning" label on. 
Now I see this story that seems important to "Bridges". 
Notice the picture of him with the Bridge...
A big thing he's famous for is the on the Edmund Pettus Bridge...
He gets hospitalized 6 months 24 days before his bday...

He also has a sculpture named after him called "The Bridge". 
Notice the guy who made it was Thornton Dial. 
Thornton Dial=60

Bloody Sunday=59(rev red)


  1. The article state that the Bridge Sculpture is at the intersection of "Ponce de Leon Avenue & Freedom Highway. Two Football Players who attended the University Of Miami(FLORIDA) died recently. Tyrone Moss age "33" on July 26th and "Tony Cline" age "69" on July 23rd. Superbowl 53 will be held in Atlanta, GA on February 3rd(2/3, "23") and Ponce De Leon is the alleged explorer that gave Florida it's name.
    "Explorer Ponce de Leon"=221(English Ordinal) John Lewis was born on February 21st(2/21,221)
    Tony Cline died at the age of "69"
    "Atlanta"=69(English Ordinal)
    The duodecimal of "69" is "59"

    "Sixty Nine Years Old"=221(Reverse Ordinal)
    "John Robert Lewis_=212(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Tyrone Moss"=212(Reverse Franc Baconis)

  2. There's also a "Ponce DE Leon" baseball league in Washington DC