Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Boys Soccer Team in Cave called Wild Boars-Arkansas Razor Backs vs Oregon State-Sean Astin Caves

Just a thought here in regards to the boys in the Cave. They are saying the team is called "Wild Boars"....
It makes me wonder if there is something connected to Arkansas who was just in the College World Series the same time these boys were missing. 
Razorbacks are the wild pigs....
Wild Boar=84
They played Oregon State....I just wonder if there's possibly something to do with Caves in Arkansas or Oregon? Possibly the Goonies? 
Roddy Piper/Ronda Rousey stuff was connected to the Goonies, so just thinking about the possibility. The Goonies did come out 33 years ago. Sean Astin dies in Stranger Things that a lot to do with underground tunnels/caves. Also thinking about it he's in Encinco Man as well that I just documented about...It's about a CAVEman. 

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  1. It's weird that you bring up caves. My dad was showing me this concert on tv, and he said they were playing in a cave. I thought he was talking about Red Rocks, which is something I documented in the past (which turned out to be a Mandela Effect.) But he said it wasn't Red Rocks, it was a cave.