Friday, November 22, 2019

The Police "Synchronicity" Album and the death of Arthur Koestler-The Roots of Coincidence

Zach always seems to mention the song "Murder by Numbers" in regards to gematria stories and death. I usually mention this to people in person as it's a great example. The song Murder by Numbers is on the album titled "Synchronicity". I've been explaining how these go hand in hand for years now...
Anyway I figured I would look up the album again tonight and I noticed they called it this because of Arthur Koestler's book "The Roots of Coincidence". 

Notice how Arthur Koestler died exactly 108 days before the Album "Synchronicity" came out? 

The Roots of Coincidence=108 and 108(rev red)

Notice the album also came out 108 days(end date) before Sting's bday too. 

The Police Album before Synchronicity was also a tribute to...
Arthur Koestler=88
Ghost in the Machine=88
Notice the album came out on Sting's 30th bday. 

Koestler died 150 days after Sting's bday too. 
The Police=150

Also interesting..
Arthur Koestler=83(ks)
Koestler died in 83' the same year Synchronicity came out with Murder by Numbers..

In light of what I have documented this year I find it interesting that all of the previous albums had French sounding titles. 
Plus Arthur Koestler died 188 days before his bday..
Bavarian Illuminati=188
Paris France=239(FB)
Arthur Koestler=239(FB)

This also means he died 177 days after his bday too...I've been talking about 177 a lot recently...

Also his bday of 9/5 always makes me think of my own connections..
Dan Behrendt=95 and 188(FB)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Synchronicity Carl Jung-Sigmund Freud
I even had a bunch of connections to Carl Jung that I documented about a few years ago. 

Who knows but in doing this research I sometimes feel like it's been my true will to share this knowledge with others. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea when they think of things like this and compare it to Thelema...Do what Thou Wilt...I don't think that phrase means to do whatever you want to do as many people portray means to do what you are "Willed" to do after you find your true self. 

Carl Jung even suggests that occult religious ideas can contribute to understanding the collective unconscious. 
If you haven't, go to the collective unconscious wikipedia page and read about this. He talks about archetypes and the different ways to interpret meaning from's very similar to the way I decode things. 

I need to listen to some old Police Albums too as they have some super interesting song titles. I also want to read "The Roots of Coincidence". 
I looked up the name "Koestler" and on wikipedia it tells us that Nicholas Cage's character in "Knowing" is named "John Koestler...just funny as I bet Arthur is probably the reason why they gave him that last name. 

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