Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The China Probrem dedicated to Isaac Hayes-810-Flipper

I figured I'd finally try and go back to watch these South Parks that are important. I noticed this episode is actually titled, "The China Probrem" and not Problem....but also notice this episode is dedicated to Isaac Hayes(Chef) who died on 8/10/8...8/10 front and back....and the episode came out on 10/8...or 8/10 as well that year. 
It's pretty crazy considering the China stuff this year was important to 8/10 and 8/11. 
Hayes was also in the film "Flipper" which was important to the 2016/2017 I have mentioned that is connected to this year. 
Remember I recently got a spammed message on a post about Flipper too. 

Paul Hogan stars in that film as well...notice his bday of 10/8 or 8/10 too....He's Australian...Crocodile Dundee...

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