Friday, November 1, 2019

Keystone Pipeline leak follow up-The number 177-Canada

I was so tired last night I fell asleep writing the Keystone blog post. It was the Dakota Access Pipeline that was important around the Indians in the World Series, but the Keystone pipeline was important too. The theme at Standing Rock was "Water is Life". Remember we got a leak at the Keystone pipeline in 2017 when the media was making a big deal of Trump drinking Fiji water...
This only sticks out because I recently mentioned a WATER theme with the death of Ned LeDoux and Granger Smith's children. 
The new Keystone leak story comes on Halloween which is the anniversary of RIVER Phoenix dying....he's important to the Batman stuff because of his brother. 

Pennsylvania the Keystone State...Vail Colorado...Interesting this comes just after the World Series...I've mentioned the number 116 in connection to the Indians and 2020 being the 116th world series...We will see what comes of this story, possibly just a catalyst like the Mariners. The Indians were in the World Series the year after the MLB strike too in which the Washington Nationals were important to. 

Oil leak=310(satanic)
In April I mentioned "Bismarck North Dakota"=310
The 310 dialing code established in Los Angeles on the annivesary of ND becoming a state...11/2...
The earthquake on July 4th was synced to that info...

I'm just gonna throw this out there too..
Los Angeles=177(KFW Kabbalah)
I've said there might be some importance to these ciphers and I've recently seen 177 quite a bit...I can't remember them all as I didn't think they were related...but I just can't stop seeing 177 in random things..
It started with...
Montreal Expos=177
Sleep Paralysis=177
Dark Web=177(FB)..doesn't necessarily need the capital "W" though. 
George Walker Bush=177(Skull and Bones/Washington)

Interesting "New World Order"=177

177 was important to my first copyright claim on 9/19 too. 

Fourth of July=177
Charles III=177
Drinking Water=177(ALW)
Flint Michigan=177(FB)

I wonder too in regards to the Nationals/Expos winning...the Canada connection...remember Canada important to 310 as well...the Keystone Pipeline begins in Canada...Southpark..blame Canada...Blackface..Canada...Toronto Raptors...
I just checked my email and I was told the Keystone Pipeline goes to Houston which it does haha...perfect as Houston and Texas are important to the Oil symbolism as well. 

Canada=68(KFW), 36(ALW)
South Park is just so significant to this stuff...remember the BP oil episodes too....Funny as I was thinking about being "The Coon" for the Halloween party in Dow City tomorrow too. 
Gonna try and watch the new South Park and see if it has anything to offer. 


  1. When the "oil theme" started, i put a futures bet on the Edmonton(Alberta) Oilers to make the Stankey Cup, they were huge underdogs before the season began. Now they look like one of the best teams in the league.

  2. Interesting with the theme of Water and River Phoenix's 26th anniversary of his "death", his sister RAIN Phoenix released an album called "River" on his anniversary October 31/19. There is an article on the "People" website that is interesting. In that article Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is quoted as saying that River's favourite movie was "Brazil". You have posted quite a bit about this movie and Terry Gilliam's Trilogy which includes the movie "Time Bandits". One of the songs on Rain's album "River" is called "Time is the Killer". More water and time symbolism. Water Clocks are one of the oldest time keeping devices. Thanks!