Sunday, November 10, 2019

Claire gave me an Angel Gabriel craft she made at the Lutheran Church

Since today is my birthday Claire brought me food up to my room and told me there was a surprise downstairs. When I came downstairs I saw this sitting on the table. The actual present was they cleaned the house haha, but she gave this to me too. I guess she made it for me on Wednesday, but since I was at band practice she never gave it to me. It wasn't for my birthday, but she gave it to me today because they found it when they were cleaning. 
It's just so funny because we don't go to church or anything of the sort. A new girl moved to town and Claire became friends with her, and they asked if Claire wanted to come to some event they were having for kids at the Lutheran church. Living in a small town they do things like this every now and then for kids, and it really doesn't matter if you are religious or not to go. 
I just think it's hilarious what is written on it. Out of everything they could've made with crafts at that place..they made the Angel Gabriel with a quote about him telling Mary she would birth Jesus. 
I have said that this year seems to be connected to late 2016 and 2017...and this was when I was mentioning the Angel Gabriel like crazy all in relation to my girlfriend being pregnant. 
This year was important to Angels with the death of Tyler Skaggs/Disney too. 

Remember Gabriel only talks to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary...which is why Mary Tofflemire was important to the Pig theme. 
Remember how the number 1012 was really important and I read the book of Daniel 10:12 that talked about helping Daniel gain understanding....Anyway I noticed..
Book of Daniel=215
Think how my recent son is named Alistair and is connected to Aleister Crowley who was born on 10/12. 
Aleister Crowley=215
Knights of Columbus=215(Columbus found America on 10/12)
A lot more I've documented about..
 Plus Alistair(my song) being born on 31/8 and in 2016/2017 we were talking how this number was important...The TV show Touch called it the GOD number...22/7=3.14.....7/22=.318

Gabriel is also a reason why 624 was important too. 

Claire also originally made this on Wednesday which was the 310th day of the year..11/6....I'm getting it today on the 314th day(pi)

I'll have to go back and review my Angel Gabriel stuff..

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