Friday, November 1, 2019

Facebook message to Edgardo Rodriguez not loading-Batman Synchronicity-177-Pi

I went to Facebook a bit ago to finally try and respond to some messages. I've had so much going on, I can't keep my head straight...but anyway I tried leaving this message multiple times and it wouldn't work. My internet disconnected, so I went and took a bath in hopes it would be working again. I'm sitting here now and it finally went through. Right as it went through Zamien brought me over this piece of clothing...a Batman onesy....he was in the laundry room playing and when I came in the bedroom he came running with that haha. It's just funny as my message had to do with Batman...
Batman= 51, 111 and today is 11/1. 

I wish I had more time today, but I have to practice a few songs for a band gig tonight and I have to leave before 7. 
haha what are the odds of this? 
Edgardo Rodriguez=177
I just posted about this number a few hours ago. 
I put the 117 in the message because EdRod has followed the bridge symbolism like crazy with me over the year. 
Interesting too as I mentioned the importance of the "PI" symbolism and my laptop crashing....remember earlier in 2019 I had the synchroncity with "Pi" and Edrod's posts on Facebook too. 

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