Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Roman Polanski rape allegations on Charles Manson's bday-Batman/Joker-51 children injured in Chinese Chemical Attack-Synchronicity with Youtube and Singin in the Rain

Of course Roman Polanski's rape would be in the news today. I mean just documented about him on 11/3 being important to the Joker/Batman narrative. 
Today is also the perfect day for him to be in the media because it's Charles Manson's birthday. 
Roman Polanski=76
Joker=76...so on..

Today is also 86 days after his 86th bday.
Aurora Colorado=86
James Eagan Holmes=86

This comes just before he releases his newest film called..
"An Officer and a Spy"=76 and 86

We also got a story today about 51 children in China injured in a Chemical Attack....
Think about the 1989 Tim Burton Batman in which Batman drops Joker into the Chemicals which is why he looks the way he does. 

Something I never thought of before in regards to LeBron is Cleveland winning for the first time in 51 years and all the 51 stuff with it...

So I'm sitting here reading my post from 11/3 that involved Roman Polanski...I read the part about the song "Singin in the Rain" and then I hear a guy on our TV start singing the song...I look up to Claire watching this video on Youtube.....lol notice they have 1.77 million Subs....The 177 I keep seeing. 
Also interesting the video came out on 8/31 which is the day my son Alistair was born and number of other important things this year. 
It's also the day when the JOKER premiered in Venice for the 76th anniversary of the film festival. 

I just don't get the significance of the number 177...It was important to my first ever Youtube copyright claims in 2014...I've also been talking a lot about the 2016/2017 stuff that was important to 166 and 177 is 11 more....11 was super big last November and the reason I even noticed the pattern of the 2016/2017 stuff coming back up...
Switzerland=177(FB)...where Roman Polanski supposedly raped this girl. 

Possibly it's something to do with Malcom McDowell as he's the lead character in A Clockwork Orange..that is important to the song "Singin in the Rain"....Notice he is 76 years old right now....
He's also the Dr. in the Rob Zombie "Halloweens" and my post about all this originally began with LeBron's Halloween costume..


  1. Remember "Kids of the Round table "? That's what I most recognize Malcolm for though he's been in a ton of shit

  2. On Zach's blog regarding the school shooting November 14/19 and the named shooter, 16 year old Nathaniel Berhow, he posted a Heavy.com "5 fast facts" on the shooter. I found it interesting that there is a picture of Nathaniel as a younger child and he's wearing a t-shirt that appears to be of the character Jack Skellington of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". There's another Tim Burton connection with a shooting. Christmas is coming soon...