Friday, November 22, 2019

Tim Tebow's dog named "Bronco" dies-Where the Buffalo Roam information from 2015/2016-Super Bowl 50

The first thing I think of when seeing this story is what I was documenting about in 2015/2016 before Super Bowl 50. 
It's just interesting with as much as I've documented in regards to the Chiefs and how they were connected that year. 
Tim Tebow's dog being named "Bronco" reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson's dog being named "Bronco" in "Where the Buffalo Roam". 

Plus Tim Tebow is the original "KNEELER" in the NFL. 

It's even more interesting considering this story comes 3 months 7 days after Tebow's bday and the Bronco's are currently 3-7. 
Notice the Broncos play the Buffalo Bills next too. 
The Buffalo Bills are currently 7-3..
Interesting too how I mentioned Richard Nixon the 37th president..

Man...I'm trying to piece together how all of these old narratives come together...
Buffalo is important to the Fair symbolism/Alton Sterling/Philando Castile...
Buffalo=63 and was important to Colin Kaepernick's first start of 2016 after he knelt..

I should also point out that Tim Tebow is 32 years old right now. 
Kaepernick also just turned 32..
32 NFL Teams/Owners..
This number also important to the Chiefs/Larry Johnson..
32nd prime is 131.."Super Bowl"=131

Thinking about it too...after my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding anniversary this year we went to the bar's Halloween party. My cousin Timmy showed up late in the night and "Iced" me with a Smirnoff. We've always called it "Iced Tebowing" and got down on 1 knee and chugged it, which I did. It's just funny as it's been years since I've got Iced, or anyone I know has even tried to Ice anyone. 

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  1. Tim Tebow & Vic Fangio are both Leo's.
    Leo = 32.
    Buffalo Bills can become 8-3 the 23rd prime.
    Lion = 23