Sunday, November 24, 2019

JJ theme at my band gig in Omaha last night

Last night my band played a gig at The New Frontier Bar in Omaha. My girlfriend Jasmine actually had the night off of work and she came to the gig. It's been a long time since she has been able to come to our was also her birthday so she was able to go out and drink and what not. 
Anyway, there is a couple that has been coming to almost all of our gigs recently as they saw us at the Havana Garage once and loved us. They are from somewhere in Northern Iowa..I can't remember where, but they drive like 3 or 4 hours they said to see us. We played our first set and then found out it was actually the guy who comes birthday as well. I should remember lol but I can't remember what his name is...but what I do know it that it starts with a "J"...I told my band members that it was also Jasmine's birthday so we played Happy Birthday for both of them....of course before we played it we all agreed it was funny they both have "J" names...and even contemplated just saying Happy Birthday "JJ"....I didn't tell my band mates that I have recently been seeing a theme with "JJ", but I just laughed in my head all night about this....
I just wanted to document it, as there is most definitely a "JJ" theme. 
I've recently mentioned Nascar in regards to Jimmie Johnson...JJ...but Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s bday is 10/10..
I'm posting this because the number 1010 I've always associated with Valentines and Revelation....Dale Jr. just turned 45 years old....Valentines the 45th day.....I wonder if there is something to it. 

It's why JJ Watt was drafted # 11 in 2011 too. 
Houston=31....the 11th prime. 

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  1. Dale Earnhardt died 991 weeks to the 2020 Daytona 500, 991 the 167th prime