Friday, November 8, 2019

All Marines are now allowed to use Umbrellas

I don't see the gematria significane in this story, but I find it interesting in connection to a major narrative this year....The Umbrella Man...Zach starting a new website/All 4 Truth Umbrella...Mary Poppins...Taylor Swift/France Video...
All Marines=166
Remember 166 was important to the Umbrella Man...

Mary Poppins=63


  1. Berlin Wall
    Ronald Reagan speech …"open this gate" "tear down this wall"….was on 6th June 1987
    That’s exactly 33 years to NBA Game.7 James = 48/12/87/33 Wall = 48/12

  2. Remember the All4truth logo? Umbrella. Lol just read the post. There's your sign. I remember the creators saying they paid thousands of dollars to get the logo designed by someone over in eastern Europe. All kinds of weird with A4T.

  3. Your bday is 84 days to the Super Bowl. Umbrella = 84. Jesuit = 84. The top view of an umbrella is the cross of malta