Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Walmart shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma-"OK Boomer" Meme getting popular

I find it interesting I mentioned my friend Norm just the other day in regards to Norman, Oklahoma....I used to work with him at Walmart in Denison, Iowa..and his favorite basketball for the longest time was Tim Duncan. 

Also I've been seeing people post about this "OK Boomer" thing on Facebook...honestly I thought it was something to do with the Oklahoma Sooners as people say "Boomer Sooner"....OK..the abbreviation for Oklahoma haha. 
It's just strange we get a Oklahoma Walmart shooting the same time this meme blows up. 

It's also interesting I'm noticing this on the 322nd day of the year....reminds me of Geronimo's bones being stolen by Skull and Bones in Oklahoma. 
Plus Norm was important to the The Dark Knight Rises in which I pointed out the 322 back in 2012. 

Ok Boomer=41
San Antonio=41


  1. Great connection!! For what it's worth the store number is 1116

  2. when Oklahima defeated Baylor this week, it was 7m 2w 2d after Nipsey Hussle's death.
    Nipsey Hussle shot to death = 314
    Lincoln Michael Riley = 314
    Riley won his 33rd game.
    Hussle = 33.

  3. Venus = 54
    Venus has a rotational period of 243 day and a transit cycle of 243 years. America i currently 243 year old. Ron Howard was 24,003 day old on the day of the shooting