Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jeopardy having a Greatest of All Time episode with Ken Jennings/James Holzhauer/Brad Rutter on 1/7/2020

This tournament comes on the 120th day of the 36th season..
Bradford Gates Rutter=120
Notice he will be 41 years old when this tournament takes place. 

Also interesting it comes 307 days after Alex Trebek announced his cancer on 3/6....James Holzhauer=63...loses on 63...
307 is the 63rd prime number. 

They are announcing this tournament 1 month 20 days or 50 days before it comes out...
Ken Jennings=50, 122
Kenneth Wayne Jennings III=120

11/18 also leaves 43 days in the year..

The event will also be 137 days before Ken Jennings bday..
Jeopardy Goat=137

Still I wish I could find James Holzhauer's birthday...

It's crazy when you look these guys up and you see they were previously on other game shows. I mean there are people who try and get on these shows all the time...and then guys like this have been on multiple shows? How can that not seem odd to a person? I guess the majority of the world thinks that the stories on American Idol are real too, so it makes sense. Make sure and get your 1 dollar text vote in. 

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