Monday, November 25, 2019

A guy with the Scorpio "M" symbol Tattooed on his hand at work today

I recently blogged about Mars, the Moon, and Mercury all being in Scorpio. MMM and the sign for Scorpio is similar to an M. I honestly just learned this symbol from that blog post as I do not know a lot about astrology. Then last night Bobby was telling me some stuff about Scorpio on Facebook as he read my blog post and knows about astrology. 
Today when I was at work I randomly looked at the time clock and it said 11:11am....then a few customers later a guy I have never seen before came to the counter. When he handed me his money I noticed he had this same "M" scorpio symbol tattooed on the top of his right hand. I said, "So you're a Scorpio huh?", and he replied yep are you? I told him yes and he asked what my bday was and then told me his was October 29th...
I have no idea what the meaning of this is, but I am for sure supposed to understand something in regards to Scorpio...
Dan Behrendt=95
And so on...possibly part of the reason..

Interesting that guy has a birthday on the anniversary of the Stock Market Crash too...yesterday I sent Sam a message on Facebook about a guy he made a video about from Unsolved Mysteries....who I think was all about the stock market symbolism. 


  1. Scorpio is the fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto

  2. The next Mars Pluto conjunction is March 23rd

  3. The 11:11 time stamp wasnt intentional

  4. I was looking at past Mars Pluto conjunctions and 1963 stod out because that's the year JFK died. Anyways the date was June 22nd, 1963 which was the day John Anthony Tenta Jr was born more commonly known by his wrestling name, Earthquake

  5. So, 6/22 is the first full day of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. Cancer is the cardinal water sign. The final water sign is Pisces the Mutable water sign. 9/11 was 6/22 on the Islamic calendar and the Islamic calendar started in the year 622. Next 6/22 is Feb 17th. Your lunar/islamic bday is 1/23/1403. You turned 38 lunar years old on 9/23/2019. You turn 39 lunar years old on 9/11/2020.