Thursday, November 7, 2019

5.8 earthquake in Iran and patterns from a message about Illuminati-Mysticism-Rosicrucians

This stands out to me...I clicked on this story because for a long time I have mentioned how the number 58 is important to Earthquake symbolism. This story is about a 5.8 magnitude in Iran. 
As I read the story it tells us of 120 injured in the 5.8...
Just before clicking on this story Sam messaged me about watching the film called "Illuminated" and getting an email involving Mysticism and the Rosicrucians. 
I pointed out that "Mysticism"=130, 
Also that "Illuminated"=177 which is a number I have mentioned recently being important. 

I also noticed that...
Just like...

So I just think it's interesting seeing the 120 and 5.8 in this story...especially since...

Also the producer of the film is "Johnny Royal"=58 and the film came out 48 days after his bday. 

Today is 11/7. 
Today is also 6 months 6 days after the Illuminati anniversary..
Iran=66...also 58(KFW)

The Illuminati has been important all year too. Remember "Adam Weishaupt"=210
The Gematrinator was taken down 210 days before 8/10. 
San Francisco California=210
Johann Adam Weishaupt=310
Illuminati established 3 months 10 days before 8/11...
Much more just recapping a bit. 
This happened on 11/8 or 8/11 in Iran too. 
I wonder if we get another China story tomorrow or Norway? Or something that was important to August 10/11th?
Adam Weishaupt=141...141st prime is 811.  

Remember all the 239's important to the Illuminati....Golden Gate=239(Jewish)...the messiah returns through the Golden being 11/7..."Bridge"=117...San Francisco is really symbolic because of that bridge. 

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