Saturday, November 2, 2019

Phone Call from Bismarck, North Dakota at work today after I blogged about it yesterday

I just posted about Bismarck, North Dakota yesterday...Today at work the phone didn't ring until about 2pm. I had a pizza order, and then the phone rang again for another pizza order around 2:25pm...then I got this call from Bismarck ND...There was no one on the phone when I answered so it must be some type of telemarketer thing, but honestly what are the odds? The phone only rings 3 times from 9 till 2:28 and one of the calls comes from a place I just documented about last night? Today is also fitting as it's 11/2 which is the anniversary of North Dakota becoming a state. 
Bismarck ND=68

I don't have time today to look at this right now, but wanted to document it. 

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