Sunday, November 10, 2019

Zach's Bitchute Subs at 177-Rational Wiki-James Jumper-2016/2017 connections to this year

Sam text me last night telling me Zach was doing a rant video about the Rational Wiki page about him. It's the same person who started the blog mocking my blog in 2016 and the same person/people who created the "new gematria" rational wiki too. Remember the guys name was "James Jumper"...he started it because of my Jeopardy videos..and I had been documenting about a "JJ" theme along with a "Trolling" theme at that time.....Now in 2019 the Troll theme is back and I've recently been mentioning the JJ theme interesting it's being brought back up...I've been saying all year that this year is important to all of the events of late 2016 into's why Zach is starting a new website...why Andrew Luck retired, Why Jeopardy James and Alex Trebek's cancer are important. It's why Zach's on his 19th Channel in the year 19' and more. 

I'm telling you that these people already know what is up, and this is why we are not going to beat them without knowing how to use the knowledge. 

James Jumper made a recent post about Zach, Derek, and I too on 11/2. 

Anyway moral of the story...I had a band gig last night and figured I would listen to Zach's video on the way home, but I couldn't find it. I then saw he put it on Bitchute..yet I still couldn't find it..but notice how many subs he had on Bitchute...
The number I said I keep seeing...

Remember too that the Pig Year stuff is all important to this as well...I'm exactly 8 months 11 days older than Zach and much's confusing because with all of this going on it seems that there is some type of spell on this community...but then seems like this is just the path and everything has always been planned this way...I can't figure it out. 

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