Friday, November 15, 2019

Carmelo Anthony signing with Portland Trailblazers-The Houston Rockets-China-Batman Narrative

This is all part of the narrative I have mentioned with the Rockets/China/Batman. 
Remember Carmelo played with the Rockets last....but he's also known for being a Denver Nugget...
Colorado important to the Batman shooting which is why South Park had the Denver Nugget player on the plane to China. 

I wrote about all of this back in August. Think how the Knicks have been in the news a lot recently too. 

Remember how Shaq is also important to this..then his sister died...but he also had the rap battle with Damian it just makes me wonder if that is connected to this. 

Another interesting thing to note is that this story came on 11/14 which is Prince Charles' bday. Remember how he is important to LeBron James. The Lakers were trying to get Anthony last year. 

Also remember that Carmelo was important to France/Yellowvest stuff last year. 

Also interesting this story comes before the Blazers play the Spurs....his last game with the Rockets was just before playing the Spurs. 
San Antonio Spurs=215
The Dark Knight=215
All the 215 important to Batman...

Portland also plays the Rockets on 11/18 so I'm interested to see what game Carmelo gets his first playing time in. 

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